Fantastic Man x Dior Homme -- Rotation

To herald DIOR HOMME’s Autumn & Winter 2013 fashions, Fantastic Man has produced ROTATION: a dazzling compendium of modern motion in weekly Friday instalments.

How time has flown! And although it is time for final episode in this series of Fantastic Man x Dior Homme dance films, here is some consolation: now, all five films can now be enjoyed as a glorious pentaptych! WHATEVER IT TAKES is a tour-de-force performance by JON-JO INK PEN, whose outlandish – but nevertheless entirely real and inherited – surname is by no means his only noteworthy characteristic. JON-JO admits that he is unusually tall for a dancer, a trait which serves to intensify the impact and range of his accomplished “tutting”, which he demonstrates here with aplomb. A subdivision of the “popping” style of dance, tutting derives its name from TUTANKHAMUN, the boy king of Ancient Egypt, and consists largely of 90 degree angles formed with the wrists and elbows – although historical purists are quick to point out that the Ancient Egyptians probably did not move exactly like this. Those lacking the confidence (or the talent) to perform JON-JO’s eye-catching maneouvres in public may be interested to know that a smaller-scale variation, FINGER TUTTING, can be learned relatively quickly, using tutorials that are widely available on the internet.

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