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Fiona Apple Appears On Fallon

The artistically reclusive Fiona Apple makes a rare appearance on the Jimmy Fallon Show to perform 2 songs and be interviewed by the late night ex-SNL funnyman. Anything is possible with Fiona but its all business in this interview.


 Fiona covering Paul McCartney's "Let Me Roll It," with The Roots, in honor of his 70th birthday.


Summer School by Andrew Yee

The June/July 2012 issue of BlackBook magazine showcases the latest designer shades with the story 'Summer School', photographed by Andrew Yee and styled by Justin Min. The editorial features models Alex Michels, Connor McLain, Dallas Alberti, Graham Reese, Mitch Baker, Pedro Bertolini, Pete Bolton, Stephan Haurholm, Taylor Rosen, Tim Devos, TJ Leavey, and William Jagnow, with hair by Shlomi Mor and makeup by Christine Cherbonnier.

Coen by Zeb Daemen

Touché model Coen by Zeb Daemen, styled & groomed by Ferry Van Der Nat.


The Leather Man By Mark Kean

Photographed by Mark Kean Fashion editor: Toby Grimditch Model: Billy at Next Grooming: Ben Jones at Jed Root using Bumble and Bumble and Sisleyum by Sisley. Set design: Suzanne Beirne Photo assistant: Jonnie Begood Fashion assistants: Tara Greville and Russell Redwood Harris. Courtesy of -


About A Girl By Dan King

Photographed by Dan King Fashion Editor: Andrew Mukamal Model: Sam Ypma at Trump Models Make-up: Angie Parker using NARS Cosmetics Hair: Tamara McNaughton. Courtesy of -


Michelle Williams Talks "Take This Waltz,"

Michelle William's sits down with CBS This Moprning to chat about her latest flick "Take This Waltz" which hits theaters June 29th.

 Williams plays a happily married woman who falls in love with an artist who lives across her street. The  film is described  as a coming-of-age story that's about an "unsung period" of life "when you're making a transition from being a girl into being a woman." Adding, "(It's) this sort of on-the-cusp kind of thing when you're sort of trying to leave behind more sort of childish things, and it's really kind of a last step into an adult life."


Have A Very Merry Birthday Meryl Streep

Mary Louise Streep, better known as Meryl Streep was born today on June 22 in 1949. For those of you who may not know, Meryl is and will remain one of thee most talented and brilliant movie actors in history!

From her roles in Kramer vs. Kramer ('79), to Sophie's Choice ('82), to The Devil Wears Prada ('06), Streep continues to depict time after time with each film, how important it is to respect the character portrayal of each and every script that lands in every actors lap.

Streep has more nods in any category than any other actor in the history of awards ("16 Academy Award nominations, winning two, and 25 Golden Globe nominations, winning seven, etc"). Here ye! Here ye! Here's to Meryl's unique and genius legacy that'll leave smiles, laughter, and tears of all sorts for all moviegoers around the world.

Meryl Streep's 'Funny Moments'.

Lord Lichfield. What Style Petite!

British photographer, David Bailey was responsible for changing the face of fashion, portraiture, and celebrity photography during the 1960's. Up above you can tell kiddas, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree, as Lichfield gave an impeccable demonstration on how to strut your summer threads. Regardless of being in between a trio of beauts, Lichfield was at Porto Ercole, Italy where his fellow photographer friend, Slim Aarons, shot him in the Summer of 1970. The summery bright yellow trousers parred alongside a yummy lilac colored smart shirt has me in a total frenzy. Now someone had me a Popsicle!


McDonalds’ New Uniforms Are Inspired by Mad Men

Would Don Draper eat at Mc Donald's? We can see him eating a Big Mac perhaps or maybe even see Betty Draper having a salad to bring down that dress size but the fast food chain has just released some news inspired by the cable drama and hey why not!? has the full story for us.

McDonald’s may not have had an entire Mad Men plot line centered around it a la Howard Johnson’s, but that hasn’t stopped the fast food mecca from cashing in on being inspired by the runaway success of Don Draper and co. At least in the UK. When time came to update the tired, brown-polo-and-baseball-cap combo that’s been worn by McDonald’s workers for the past four years, the fast food chain enlisted the help of Red or Dead designer Wayne Hemingway, who instead of looking to the future, turned to the past for inspiration 

The result is a collection that pays tribute to the 1960s mod movement, and of course everyone’s favorite TV show. “There’s just a little bit of Mad Men,” Hemingway told the Telegraph.

Gone are the garish reds and yellows of McDonald’s days of yore, replaced by a softer pallet of faded plaid (“McCheck”), gherkin green, and muted mustard (this is a burger joint, after all).

The mod influence is particularly prominent in the managerial uniforms, which Hemingway described to the Telegraph as “harking back to a day of really classy air travel.” There are skinny ties for the men and Fred Perry-esque piped button downs with Peter Pan collars for the women. Oh, and pencil skirts. Joan would be so proud.

Hemingway explains that putting a McDonald’s crew member into anything too ‘modern’ would have them “end up looking like an extra from Star Trek.” In that case, we’ll gladly take Don over Spock. “We wanted classic design. A narrow tie will always be fashionable,” he said. “There is a very subtle hint to the mod look, which has never gone out of fashion.”

The uniforms’ one very un-Mad Men quality? They’re completely recyclable, and eventually, each discarded uniform will be made into an entirely ‘new’ one. Guess everything old really is new again. The new/old uniforms will be unveiled in Stratford, UK in time for the Olympics (what else?), before being worn by 87,500 Mickey D workers across the UK this fall.

Here's a video with some of the looks -


Paloma Faith - Picking Up the Pieces - Live on The Graham Norton Show

Paloma Faith stops by The Graham Norton Show to perform her latest single "Picking Up the Pieces" from her new album 'Fall To Grace' in which in perfect style and vocals delivers the up beat ballad and in our opinion surpassing the album version in emotion and energy.

 Watch the performance below and Fall To Grace with Paloma Faith.


EDITORIAL: Inner#Scars By Luca Finotti

Rising top model Simone Nobili is captured by Luca Finotti for the cover of the latest issue of Dust. The shoot, entitled "Inner#Scars", puts a new meaning to the phrase: "every picture has a story". This shoot has just that, every photo comes with a specific caption, like in photo #6, it is "Why do I always look at the horizon, even if I’m stumbling where I stand?" while #10 is "Maybe I can fly?". The shoot is styled by Paolo Zagoreo. Courtesy of -

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