Thursday, June 28, 2012

Rumor: Are Victoria Beckham And Sarah Jessica Parker Collaborating On A Fashion Line?

This would be an interesting collaboration if it is indeed the full truth. But these two fashionable ladies seem to be doing more then ok on their own so we take a gander at a rumor over at
File this under sounds-way-too-good-to-be-true-but-oh-man-we-really-hope-it-is: We’ve seen a few internet reports saying that Victoria Beckham and Sarah Jessica Parker are apparently in “secret talks” to collaborate on a line. Well, maybe not so secret–obviously someone’s let the cat prints out of the bag. Reportedly, the two fashion icons are teaming up on a collection aimed at women ages “20-50″–though there’s no word yet on why, when, or how. Here are a few of our guesses: Why? Because it would be amazing. When? Hopefully sooner rather than later. How? We don’t know… Please, fashion gods, just let this be true!

The origins of this rumor are dubious at best. Grazia got the story from Entertainment Wise, which got the story from… Well…

It’s not like a fashion collaboration would be totally out of the blue. SJP had her short-run over at Halston Heritage (and lest we forget, Steve & Barry’s!), and VB has famously and very successfully transformed herself from Posh Spice to WAG to world-renowned fashion designer. And with such contrasting personal styles, the collection’s outcome would be totally exciting and unpredictable. Let’s just say that crazier things have happened. Did anyone really think Hedi would alter YSL? Exactly. We’ve reached out to Beckham’s publicist for comment and will update with whatever news we hear back.

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