Tuesday, December 11, 2012

The Female Pop Stars Shine This Week.

There is an influx of female pop stars on the web this week so we present you the interviews and performances in one full write up starting with the glitter bomb; Ke$ha performing her newest single from her album Warrior, "C'Mon" followed by Electro Pop Queen Kylie Minogue with her rendition of "Cant Get You Outta My Head" on Factor X UK, Alicia Keys performing her single "Girl On Fire" on German's Wetten Das, Rihanna also on Factor X UK with "Stay"/"We Found Love" and the voice of our generation Christina Aguilera performing "Just A Fool" Live On ‘Ellen’ (phew).

Turn the volume up and get ready for some pure pop (with a lil bit of Country) performances from your favorite ladies below!

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