Repost Worthy: Itsnotyouitsme Album Spin - With Garbage

 From their fifth studio album 'Not Your Kind of People' alternative rock band Garbage have returned after a short hiatus from their previous hit album 'Bleed Like Me' in 2005 and present to us 'Not Your Kind Of People'. The album is full on Garbage most reminiscent with their 1998 album Version 2.0 in sound and lyrics.

We present to you below our picks for standout tracks from alternatives greats Garbage and their latest release.

 Tune: Automatic Systematic Habit

 Tune: Big Bright World

 Tune: Not Your Kind Of People

 Tune: I Hate Love

 Tune: Man On A Wire

 Tune: Beloved Freak

 Tune: The One


 Tune: What Girls Are Made Of

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