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Photobucket "Proenza Schouler Plans Expansion: The beloved boys at Proenza Schouler are quickly rising to the top of American fashion with no signs of slowing down. First on the agenda: their first ever boutique in New York City, on Madison Avenue no less, where construction has just begun. “For us, it’s weird to go to stores and see a watered-down version of the collection,” says designer Lazaro Hernandez about seeing their collections split up by buyers." - - via

Photobucket "Tyson Beckford’s Ego is Showing: Remember Tyson Beckford, World’s First Male Supermodel? Well, Tyson does. Apparently, Tyson is to thank for girlfriend Shanina Shaik’s career. “When I found her she was a regular girl. I helped place her with the right people, get her teeth cleaned, her body toned up,” Tyson claims. He also says he would give up sex before giving up racing. Yikes." - - via

Photobucket "Recap SJP’s Finest Editorial Moments: In honor of Sarah Jessica Parker’s birthday, the ladies at FabSugar put together a slide show of the amazing spreads she’s taken part of over the years. If you miss your SJP dose as much as we do, you’ll love this recap." - - via

Photobucket Because it's Ryan Gosling. Need I Really Say More? - via

Photobucket Can I Have Some Of What She Has Been Having For The Last 20 Years Please! - via

Photobucket Farewell Mister Steines. - via

Photobucket "Watch Mad Men's Jon Hamm, Ham It Up! - via

Photobucket Awwhuhh!!! The Story Of A Toddler And His Shadow. - via

Photobucket You've Caught Yourselves In A Cheese-less Mousetrap Just Like That Deadmau5, When You Speak About Something You Really Don't Know About (Listen Up Katy Perry)You'll Get Caught! - via

Photobucket Do I See Big Hair And Eye-liner In Matt Bomer's Future Acting?! - via

Photobucket Pound Puppies Want In On Your Work-out Regiment Madonna. - via

Photobucket Living Proof That A Relationship In Tinseltown Can Really Function... - via

Photobucket "Tracy Reese Weighs in on the Trayvon Martin Case: Like most of the country, the designer is outraged at the shooting of the innocent, unarmed teenage boy. She talked to Huffington Post’s Black Voices about the matter, articulating her views on the troubling assumption in our society that People of Color are always up to no good:” The whole thing is just so sad, and the excuses are so lame… White people wear hoodies too,” she said. “It’s so sad that people want to be in fear of you just because you’re a young man of color.” Couldn’t have said it better, Ms. Reese." - - via

Photobucket "Vogue UK Editor-in-Chief Alexandra Shulman Releases Her First Novel: It seems every writer, journalist, or editor has a secret dream of publishing a novel, and we’re happy to see that Alexandra Shulman is one of the few who have made it a reality. Can We Still be Friends, is the story of three friends fresh from college, trying to figure out post grad life in Eighties London. Expect the novel in stores April 19." - - via

Photobucket "Matt Damon is disappointed" - - via

Photobucket "Alexander Wang Designs Custom Outfit for Azealia Banks: Finally, Azealia Banks is getting the free clothing she so longed for. Sweatshop overlord Alexander Wang just gifted the ’212′ singer with a pair of strappy heels and a custom-made dress." - - via

Photobucket "‘Marie Antoinette’s’ 200-year-old Mules Sell at Auction: Someone just paid $57,000 for a pair of old silk mules believed to be worn by Marie Antoinette. Keyword: believed. Not “definitely worn by”. The size 6 shoes feature a tricolor ribbon detailing, and are certainly not made for walking." - - via

Photobucket "Garance Doré Doesn’t Think The Vogue Kiddie Diet Article Was Necessarily A Bad Thing: While we’re all up in arms over Dara Lynn Weiss’ “Weight Watcher” testimony in this month’s Vogue, blogger Garance Doré thinks it does serve a positive purpose. She writes, “…I find it good that Vogue, through that testimony, breaks the silence of one of those ‘normal’ women that live with a food disorder all their life.” While she makes a good argument for awareness, it’s not like there isn’t a huge discourse about eating disorders, especially in the fashion world. We’re more concerned about the psychological effects Weiss’ actions had on her perfectly healthy seven-year-old." - - via

Photobucket "Henry Holland Will Co-Host Rihanna’s New Fashion Reality Show: We knew Henry Holland was going to be involved with Rihanna’s upcoming televised fashion contest, but we didn’t know in what capacity. Vogue UK is reporting that the designer will appear alongside the pop singer as a co-host. We think Riri’s daring personal style and Holland’s edgy aesthetic make for a perfect match. Will they please run episodes on BBC America? This sounds too awesome to miss!" - - via

Photobucket "Naomi Campbell Allegedly Mentioned in Boyfriend Vladimir Doronin’s Divorce Papers: Vladimir Doronin’s estranged wife, Ekaterina is claiming that Naomi Campbell is responsible for the breakdown of their marriage. Although Doronin and Campbell got together ten years after the couple separated, Ekaterina is apparently naming Campbell as a home wrecker in the divorce papers." - - via

Photobucket "Victoria Beckham Covers Harpers UK: Queen Victoria (pre-lob pob cut) covers May’s Harper’s Bazaar UK looking flaw-free in that Prada bodysuit the fashion set just can’t seem to fold away. The glossy was the first to feature Vic on the cover as a serious fashion contender back in 2009, and apparently, the super soccer mom hasn’t been on a vacation alone with husband David since. A blessing and a curse…" - - via

Photobucket "What Does Your Handbag Says About You? Are you a canvas tote toting toots or a Hermes-carrying honey? Your bag of choice (or, well, budget allowance) says more about you than you might think." - - via

Photobucket "Mary Katrantzou Menswear Line: Is more Mary K menswear on the way? The it-designer known for her photorealist prints says it was a “happy accident” that she started designing for guys, after Henry Holland peeped a pic of Mary’s male friend donning one of her women’s blazers. There’s no official line yet, but Mary K’s not ruling it out for the future– and we can already see Kanye getting in on one of her fly floral get-ups." - - via

Photobucket "Mexico Getting Its Own Size Chart: After years of mucho complaints and returns due to problematic fit issues, international retailers are banding together to create a unique Mexican size chart. According to research, the body shapes of average Mexican men and women are vastly different from standard market sizing–experts think the Mexican apparel industry could save $400 billion by 2017 with the proposed changes." - - via

Photobucket "Kate Winslet Cringes at Her Titanic Nude Scenes: Most moviegoers regard Kate Winslet’s semi-nude scene in Titanic as a classic piece of cinematic history– and that’s exactly where the actress would like it to stay. At last night’s Titanic 3D premiere, Kate told Metro that she couldn’t bear to watch the clip, saying it’s “like being forced to go through a photo album of your former self for three and a half hours solidly.” So I guess that “Draw me like one of your French girls” line probably wouldn’t work anymore either?" - - via

Photobucket "The Spy Who Shook Her Little Tush on the Catwalk: For the second year running, ‘sexy spy’ Anna Chapman walked in Moscow Fashion Week. Seems that being deported from America on conspiracy charges has somehow done wonders for her modeling career! Since her arrest, gingery Chapman has also hosted a Russian TV show and edited a magazine. Sending quite a lovely message there, aye kiddos?" - - via

Photobucket "Take a Tour of Zara’s Knockoff: Zara? Selling designer knockoffs? Why, I never! The Times takes a tour of the Midtown Manhattan store where designer’s dreams go to die– and are resurrected as mainstream mutations aka ‘adaptations’: Zara." - - via

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