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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Itsnotyouitsme Report 84: Things to Know

Photobucket Tiger Woods Get Assaulted By A Flying Weiner... - via

Photobucket While Visting The US For The First Time, Prince Harry Enjoys A Burger And Beer Like Most Native Californians Do! We Prefer Having A Burger With A Prince With Extra Mayo Minus The Beer. - via

Photobucket Anderson Cooper Says, "The Bullying Must Halt Now!" - via

Photobucket Meet The Latest Piano Prodigy?! - via

Photobucket Leona Lewis Raised Money For Her Furry Little Friends. Or Should We Say Her Doppelganger? We're just saying. - via

Photobucket In Relation To Thee Above Link...This Celebrity Cares So Much About Her Furry Little Friends That She Keeps Them Close To Her Heart...And Arms, And Waist, And Everywhere Other Body Part. - via

Photobucket "Stella McCartney Dresses Her New Stepmom: Paul McCartney got married to New Yorker Nancy Shevell over the weekend. Stella McCartney designed both Shevell’s dress and her dad’s suit." - - via

Photobucket "Olivier Theyskens Chows Down at MacDo: Natalie Joos did a Tales of Endearment post with Olivier Theyskens and before they thrifted at Clignancourt they dug into some Royales at McDonald’s. Theyskens ate two. With fries. With mayo. They also stopped at a vintage store that had pieces he designed when he was at Rochas. Theyskens couldn’t believe he was already vintage. We’re with you! Especially on the bugers and fries with mayo." - - via

Photobucket "Kate Moss’s Daughter Is Into Nail Art: Well who isn’t? Kate Moss on her daughter Lila: “[S]he is into nail art. She went to Wah Nails for a friend’s birthday and came back with green leopardskin. I’m taking her there for her birthday.” Apparently Lila also likes her “mummy” sans makeup." - - via

Photobucket "During World War II, Alan Turing, who is known as the father of modern computing, devised the Turing Bombe, a codebreaking device that was used to decipher the Nazi enigma codes, up to 3,000 messages per day. He was also gay, and two years after being convicted of "gross indecency" and sentenced to undergo hormone therapy, he killed himself with a cyanide-laced apple." - via

Photobucket Beyonce Covers The New November Issue Of Harper's Bazaar! - via

Photobucket Moose Down! Moose Down! - via

Photobucket "Miranda Kerr Will Wear the $2.5 Million Bra at the VS Show: The supermodel (and Orlando Bloom’s baby mama) will return to the VS catwalk next month, along with performers Kanye and Maroon 5, wearing a bejeweled bra worth $2.5m. I’ve already pre-ordered a few for myself." - - via

Photobucket "Steve Jobs’s Turtlenecks Aren’t Even by St. Croix: Here’s a case of mistaken mock-turtleneck identity that really worked out for St. Croix. Turns out the luxury brand, which reported a 100% sales increase following Steve Jobs’s death last week, didn’t actually make the Mac genius’s famed black shirts after all. Jobs revealed to biographer Walter Isaacson that the shirts were created by Japanese designer Issey Miyake, who was asked to create a uniform for Apple employees. Wonder how this news will impact Mr. Miyake’s business?" - - via

Photobucket "Hamish Bowles’s X-Factor Audition Revealed…At last! Now we can actually see Hamish’s… ahem, Leo’s best Britney Spears in action. He doesn’t make it very far, but L.A. Reid says he “loves his swagger,” and Paula would “love to hang out” with him. Guessing he kept the gold studded shoes anyway." - - via

Photobucket "Kate Moss is “Amazing With Gravy”: Kate the Great claims she went through a serious cooking phase and boasts that she can “do a good roast with [her] eyes closed.” Just wondering how much of this fab cooking she actually consumes??" - - via

Photobucket "Rihanna is Naked, Again: This time for Esquire. They dub her the sexiest woman alive. Hard to disagree. She’s also not mad at Chris Brown anymore." - - via

Photobucket "Versace x H&M Continues to Tease Us: Two new pictures of Versace for H&M’s ad campaign have surfaced and this time we’ve got an actual price tag on one of the garments: $199 for a mini dress." - - via

Photobucket "How’s this for a mind fuck: Nicola Formichetti has designed virtual clothes for a three-dimensional avatar, based on Mugler model Rico Genest, for a video game called Eve. Says the designer: “I mean if you could make your own avatar, and if you could dress yourself up, I think people will be buying virtual goods.” So now we’ll be expected to drop wads of cash on garments that don’t actually exist?" - - via

Photobucket "Ferragamo is coming to a shower near you: The designer has created a beauty and grooming collection for the Waldorf Astoria." - - via

Photobucket "How would you like to be the next big handbag designer? You may just get the chance thanks to a new three-week collaboration between Purse Forum and Rebecca Minkoff, that lets fans vote on design elements." - - via

Photobucket Rihanna Sings Which Tunes During A Rousing Night Out Of Karaoke?! - via

Photobucket Uh-oh Kelly Rowland! Shame, Shame, Shame, On You... - via

Photobucket "The cast of this year's Celebrity Apprentice has been announced and it includes two celebrities who have been fairly outspoken for LGBT rights in recent years, the AJC reports: The fifth season of “Celebrity Apprentice” features no Atlantans for the first time since 2008 but will include its very first ‘American Idol” alum: Clay Aiken, according to People magazine....But will he be able to get along with the likes of Adam Carolla (comic), Debbie Gibson (1980s pop star), Arsenio Hall (talk show host), Cheryl Tiegs (model/actress), Dee Snider (Twisted Sister), Therese Guidice (sic) (”Real Housewives of New Jersey”) and George Takei (”Star Trek”)? There are clearly some strong personalities there, which is what makes this show tick. Guidice, of course, is the NeNe Leakes of this year’s crew." - via

Photobucket Kitty Vs. Human Machine. - via

Photobucket "Target’s Web President Exits Post-Missoni Ordeal: If you got stressed out trying to purchase those Target/Missoni collabs online when the site crashed, imagine what it was like for the poor guy in charge. Target announced that its web operations president, Steve Eastman, has left the company just a month after the fiasco, which caused more site traffic than on a typical Black Friday." - - via

Photobucket "Uniqlo Set to Become Largest Apparel Retailer on Planet Earth: The fast-expanding Japanese retailer is set to have 4,000 stores worldwide by 2020, and are opening 150 overseas stores this year alone. Uniqlo’s revenue goal for 2020 is $54 billion. Just… whoa." - - via

Photobucket "Carine Roitfeld Loves Christopher Kane, Can’t Understand Him: The former editor of French Vogue was super impressed with Kane’s “very personal” presentation at this year’s London Fashion Week, though she admits that she finds his Scottish accent “a little difficult to understand.” Aye, lassie." - - via

Photobucket "Jeremy Scott for Adidas Spring 2012 First Look: These sneaks would fit right in with my Beanie Babies in their mesh toy hammock… you totally know what I’m talking about." - - via

Photobucket "Anna Wintour Hosts Cocktail Hour for Fashion Peeps: Vogue‘s editor in chief hosted a cocktail party at her NYC townhouse for the CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund finalists, who unveiled their designs for a fashion challenge a la Project Runway. There sadly aren’t many snaps of Ms. Wintour’s abode, but there is a photo of Karlie Kloss being mostly naked again." - - via

Photobucket "Rise of the Man Purse: Lil Wayne, Kanye, and Jude have all been photographed carrying man purses. I think it’s perfectly reasonable for a man to have a bag – how else are they supposed to carry their daily necessities? You know, like, iPads… and other extremely manly things?" - - via

Photobucket "Wallet-Friendly Celeb Halloween Costumes: It’s somehow never occurred to me that Karl’s hair really is a lot like George Washington’s wig. Both men of greatness… it’s all starting to make sense." - - via

Photobucket "Gucci Accused of Inhumane Conditions In China, Responds: After reports of unsafe working conditions surfaced from employees at one of their China outposts, the company countered that “Gucci does not and will not endorse or tolerate the alleged malpractices” and they have made several management firings, changed the “communication channels” between employees and the company and hired consultants to review their staff." - - via

Photobucket "Jean Paul Gaultier Calls Anna Wintour “Monstrous”: While discussing fashion films and The Devil Wears Prada, the designer said, “Anna Wintour is a lot more monstrous than she is described!” and when asked if he thought she was an influential figure, he only replied, “She is a figure.”" - - via

Photobucket "Behind-the-Scenes With Gaga’s M.A.C. Campaign: Gaga looks like an alien with a giant blonde beehive and ginormous cat eyes, and talks about how she steals makeup ideas from fans. Also, Nicola Formichetti is there and puts on nude lipstick and calls it “manly.”" - - via

Photobucket "Karl Lagerfeld For Macy’s Didn’t Sell So Well: There isn’t much left online, but in stores the line is 25% off and almost everything is still there. So, if you want it, it’s still there! Or… you can hold out for Giambattista Valli." - - via

Friday, October 14, 2011

Madonna's W.E. Official Trailer

Determined to make her mark in cinematic history, Pop Queen Madonna's theatrical trailer for her full feature directorial debut "W.E." has been released and it is a beauty!

The film shot on location in London, England, France and the United States with help from friend and screen writer Alek Keshishian(who previously worked with Madonna on her 1991 documentary Truth or Dare) is well written and beautifully captured, telling the story of two women's hardship's in keeping their romances alive.


W.E tells the story of two fragile but determined women - Wally Winthrop (Abbie Cornish) and Wallis Simpson - separated by more than six decades. In 1998, lonely New Yorker Winthrop is obsessed with what she perceives as the ultimate love story: King Edward VIII's abdication of the British throne for the woman he loved, American divorcee Wallis Simpson. But Winthrop's research, including several visits to the Sotheby's auction of the Windsor Estate, reveals that the couple's life together was not as perfect as she thought. Weaving back and forth in time, the film intertwines Wally's journey of discovery in New York with the story of Wallis (Andrea Riseborough) and Edward (James D'Arcy), from the glamorous early days of their romance to the slow unraveling of their lives in the decades that followed.

"W.E." is expected for release in early 2012 domestically in the United States.

Johannes Linder, Julius Gerhardt, Kim Dall’Armi, Luka Badnjar, Matvey Lykov, Thomas Aoustet & Will Westall by Marton Perlaki for GQ Style Australia

Australian Scene–The models of Success invade the latest edition of GQ Style Australia, photographed by Marton Perlaki. Showing up in fine form, Johannes Linder, Julius Gerhardt, Kim Dall’Armi, Luka Badnjar, Matvey Lykov, Thomas Aoustet and Will Westall are styled by resident fashion editor, Wayne Gross, donning the latest wears from prominent labels down under, ranging from Subfusco and Ksubi to Stolen Girlfriends Club. Courtesy of -

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