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Saturday, October 8, 2011

Itsnotyouitsme Report 83: Things to Know

Photobucket The Jolie-Pitts Have Tons Of Fun In Full Camouflage Attire! - via

Photobucket Man's Best Friend Hypnotizes In One Of A Kind TV Ad Commercial. - via

Photobucket Ryan Gosling Was Quoted Telling The Chicago Sun Times, “I’m not that good looking. I think I’m a pretty weird-looking guy. Every role I got up until ‘The Notebook’ [in 2004] was the weirdo, freak, psychopath, nerd, outsider character guy. I think things have changed." - via

Photobucket The Catholic Club (Because All Religions Are Ultimately Just That) In Honduras Need To Follow Their Own Scripture And Quite Placing Judgement On Those Actually Do Good. - via

Photobucket The Only Kind Of White Substance We Don't Want All Over Our Faces! Lol - via

Photobucket "Kristen Stewart Is Smokin’ On GQ UK: In a black high-waisted bikini and matching noir toenail polish, Stewart looks sexy and sophisticated–a welcome change from her usual sulky-teenager look." - - via

Photobucket "The Row’s $39,000 Backpack Sold Out: It was apparently the first item to go from their new handbag line. Yeah, this doesn’t make sense to us either." - - via

Photobucket "Twenty8Twelve Debuting Capsule Line: Sienna and Savannah Miller’s clothing line is getting it’s own diffusion label called Made In England that will focus on tailoring and wearable basics. Get excited!" - - via

Photobucket "Michelle Obama Shops At Target: Maybe because she heard her boy Jason Wu is designing for them soon?" - - via

Photobucket "Rita Wilson To HuffPo: The longtime Harper’s Bazaar contributor will be the editor-at-large for HuffPo/50, the website’s new site targeted at baby boomers." - - via

Photobucket "Florence Welch’s Couture Dance Party: Fashion’s favorite Brit songstress Florence Welch wears gorgeous couture looks from Valentino and Elie Saab in Florence and the Machine’s latest video for “Shake it up.” We can’t id the red dress, but it’s super pretty as well." - - via

Photobucket "Karl Lagerfeld’s Coke Moment: In this hilarious video from’s twitter, a man in a suit carries a glass of Coca-cola on a silver tray over to Karl Lagerfed, waits for him to take a sip, and then walks away. It’s probably the best thing I’ve seen all fashion month." - - via

Photobucket "Oh la la! Très chic looks from some of our favorite celebrities at Paris Fashion Week." - - via

Photobucket "Daisy Talks Boobs: British Esquire has out-sexed British GQ‘s Kristen Stewart cover with a topless Daisy Lowe. The British it girl apparently likes talking about boobs as much as she likes showing them. In the cover story, she talks about Lara Stone’s “massive tits” and her own bra preferences." - - via

Photobucket "Johnny Depp Compared Photo Shoots to Rape: Johnny Depp apparently hates photo shoots so much that he told Vanity Fair (which he is on the cover of), “Well, you just feel like you’re being raped somehow. Raped … It feels like a kind of weird — just weird, man.” Weird, maybe. Rape-like? Not sure about that one." - - via

Photobucket "The Return of Courregès: Another storied French Fashion House is to be revived in the coming months. The presidents of Courregès, which nears its 50th anniversary, are launching ecommerce with “updated Courrèges classics from its 1960s heyday” and releasing a limited edition collection of 50 vinyl jackets at Colette. They’re also auctioning off three reissued Courreges vintage shift dresses. Sounds like they’re going the vintage route with this revival. At least for now." - - via

Photobucket A Dog Is Definitely No Friend To Julia Roberts. - via

Photobucket Would You Like Extra Mayo On That Burger To Go??? - via

Photobucket Unfortunate News From Adele. We Wish You A Full Recovery! - via

Photobucket "Apparently Wearing Makeup Makes You More Likable: Studies conducted by Procter & Gamble, which (a bit suspiciously) produces a huge array of makeup products, show that women who wear makeup are perceived as more likable, competent, and trustworthy than those who do not. The only exception was for women wearing “glam” makeup, who seemed less trustworthy. Are you listening, Kardashian Klan?" - - via

Photobucket "Having Fleas Can Be a Good Thing: Unique and vintage finds don’t have to include an inflated price tag. Lucky tells you where to find the best flea deals across the U.S. of A." - - via

Photobucket "Adam to Sell Manolo Blahnik Collab Shoes: The designer, who has designed for Manolo Blahnik the past several seasons, will be selling the collaborative pieces for the first time. The styles will be sold exclusively at Adam stores for fall, and will be available elsewhere beginning spring 2012." - - via

Photobucket Well That's The Way You Ring In A 100th Birthday!!! - via

Photobucket Mind The Gap Rihanna. - via

Photobucket "Anna Dello Russo Wore Kanye West Three Days After His Show: Possibly his sole endorsement, but a pretty large one at that. So far, though, an ADR plug isn’t quite enough to keep the critics at bay." - - via

Photobucket "First Look at the Versace for H&M Men’s Collection: And it’s just as bright as the women’s!" - - via

Photobucket "Pop Stars Before and After Gaga: The Gaga effect on pop stars of our time: they all dye their hair and start wearing crazy shit." - - via

Photobucket "The Queen Nixes a K.Mid Vogue Cover: A palace source said the Queen “would not be amused… Her Majesty is a real genius at making people squirm with simply a look or a ‘tut, tut.’” Style icon isn’t really part of Kate’s Princess duties, apparently." - - via

Photobucket Naked Pool-Time With George Clooney! - via

Photobucket A Retrospective Look At Oscar Winning Actress Natalie Portman. - via

Photobucket To Botox Or Not To Botox? That Is Thee Question. - via

Photobucket This Dog Is Definitely Re-thinking Who His New Best Friend Should Be. - via

Photobucket "Could this be Naomi Campbell’s way of atoning for all those alleged temper tantrums? The supermodel and her boyfriend Vladislav Doronin will be recognized for their extensive charity work at Denise Rich’s Angel Ball in NYC on October 17. The gala, which will benefit Rich’s Gabrielle’s Angel Foundation for Cancer Research, will include a performance by Patti LaBelle." - - via

Photobucket "Working retro into your wardrobe:’s style news editor, Fashionista alum and major girl crush Britt Aboutaleb gives a crash course on how to wear this season’s retro trends in real-life situations. Like, dressing appropriately for work and karaoke. These are major dilemmas!" - - via

Photobucket "Diversity On The Catwalk: Though the runways are still more vanilla than they should be, this season was a bit more diverse than usual. See how Jezebel broke it down by numbers." - - via

Friday, October 7, 2011

Beyonce 'Countsdown' Minute By Minute Her Best Video To Date!

Beyonce has done it yet again! But this time around it's not a baby revealing performance or a tribute to Tina Tuner, but it's the release of her official 3rd single "Countdown" off the her current album "4" which showcases the Queen of R&B/Pop shake rattle and rolling in this eye-candy video, perfect for the fashion hungry like me-self.

Quite the tasteful aesthetic, Beyonce crushes her previous video favorites of mine ('Why Don't You Love Me', 'Crazy In Love', & 'Run The World'), channeling a 60's version of Audrey Hepburn, Brigitte Bardot, and Tina Turner.

The cinematography, art direction, editing, costume, make-up, hair, etc - believe me I can go on and on - is pure perfection! Feast your eyes on this retro-vintage-mod video gone superbly well. Also a fun fact kiddas, the video was shot by Adria Petty, daughter of American rocker Tom Petty. That explains a whole lot. As always, indulge and shake a tail feather.

Grease Is The Word by Jacob Axelman

Mensweek - October 5, 2011
Models Paul Boche, Michael Elmquist, and Jay Nodland
Ph Jacob Axelman
St Alex Badia

The 1950s are always a great inspiration for menswear designers and in this shoot for Mensweek, Jacob Axelman shoots Paul Boche, Michael Elmquist and Jay Nodland in a 50s inspired garb while resident stylist-extraordinaire Alex Badia dresses them in a mix of Band of Outsiders, Moschino and Burberry. Courtesy of

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