Michelle Williams Showcases What A Modern Day-Avante Garde Actress Looks Like.

The "My Week With Marilyn" star was shot by photographer Alexei Hay in a rad-tastic Prada lip print dress as the latest cover girl for Elle UK magazine's Decemeber issue. Michelle chats what is was like stepping into the heels of a prolific and iconic figure such as Marilyn Monroe.

On vocalization to Marilyn’s ghost...“While we were filming, something came out in a National Enquirer which a penetrating had oral to her as good as which she authorized of what we were we do as good as she suspicion we was we do a unequivocally great job. So may be she likes it!”

On Marilyn‘s voice...“I complicated tapes. There’s unequivocally zero which exists of her, which we could find anyway, which exists of her carrying a review with a friend… So there wasn’t a template which existed for her bland outspoken pattern, so during a sure indicate we have to have it imaginatively.”

On receiving a purpose of Marilyn Monroe... “I was so apprehensive. It was daunting vital up to people’s expectations as good as my own expectations.”

On what Marilyn’s knowledge was similar to in England...“What Marilyn expected function as good as what essentially happened were dual really opposite things as good as they combined conflict as good as melancholy for her in England. She was awaiting to go to London as good as have a film with a many venerable actress of a time as good as hoped it would move her a apply oneself which she deserved as good as craved. When she arrived she felt she was being mistreated as good as laughed at. Olivier sneered during her as good as didn’t provide her with a kind of courtesy she was anticipating for though when we watch a film now, we can see Marilyn wipes a building with a rest of a cast. They have been all really stiff, unnatural as good as primitive though if she were creation which film currently there is zero about her opening which has left out of conform or faded. She is really real, really in a impulse as good as so beautiful.”

On taking the role of Marilyn Monroe...“I was so apprehensive. It was daunting living up to people’s expectations as well as my own expectations.”

On parallels with Marilyn’s life and her own... “There were so many connections and parallels for me in making this film. I was 30 when making the movie, the same age Marilyn was when she filmed The Prince and the Showgirl, the picture our film is based around. We filmed in the same studio at Pinewood where that movie was made. I had the same dressing room Marilyn had used and we also shot at the same house, Parkside, where she had stayed during filming.”

On wanting to know the real Marilyn... “I had always been more interested in the private Marilyn, and the unguarded Marilyn. Even as a young girl, my primary concern wasn’t with this larger than life personality smiling back from the wall but with what was going on underneath.”

Scoot over to ElleUK.com for thee rest of the featured publication.

"My Week With Marilyn Premiere."

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