Friday, February 4, 2011

Breaking Bread: Meet Oh Land

Nanna Fabricius Oland or Oh Land is a lovely Danish singer who has just arrived to the US to promote her self titled EP and who we have discovered a few months prior and as always, are ecstatic to share with all you devoted and groovy readers. I read all your beautiful messages. Just know that the love buzz you send my way only enhances and feeds my desire to expose you to quality musique.

Oh Land, the 25 year old former ballerina and the daughter of an opera singer experiments in her music by blending electronic beats against her clean and almost heavenly and soothing vocals; all together the sound is pleasantly reminiscent of work by Icelandic artist Bjork.

Oh Land who just completed a show at the legendary dive venue, The Troubadour here in Los Angeles will also be performing a couple of off shows including one we here at will be attending and covering tonight in a intimate art gallery in the Chinatown area of Downtown LA.

Note: Many of the popular acts we cover here we have had the privilege of seeing at smaller venues like the Troubadour which allows you the viewer to see the artist in a intimate and personal performance right before the onset of the mainstream audience and high ticket prices that just take all the excitement of seeing a new favorite artist do what they do best, play musique.

Meet OH Land below!

Tune: Sun of A Gun

Tune: Wolf & I (Live)

Meet OH Land | Interview

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Erin said...

I am a HUGE Oh Land fan. Saw them live in October - I was absolutely amazed! Have you seen the cover they did of Fleet Foxes "White Winter Hymnal?" Love it!

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