"On Her Majesty's Secret Service"

The year was 1969, and actor George Lazenby would slip on his James Bond shoes for the first time. But as quickly as he did, it's as quickly as they came off. The last Bond film to come out of the 1960s featured Lazenby's portrayal of Bond, as being a modern force in fashion to be reckoned with at the time. He strutted Mod looking turtlenecks, suits, tuxedos, and Kilts.

Below the image is said to be a scene where, " Blofeld is in his clinical research institute located at Piz Gloria (a revolving restaurant) on the heights of the Swiss Alps". James Bond was spotted sporting a Kilt, while passing through ten beautiful women lounging in a stellar looking living room.

"James Bond - Part 2: The Lazenby Year & The Return of Connery."

George Lazenby talks openly and honestly about playing James Bond.

Official Trailer.

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