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Saturday, March 13, 2010

The Nomad of The Golden Sand by Mariano Vivanco

'After their sensual nighttime beach shoot in the new Numéro Homme, photographer Mariano Vivanco captures stylist Nicola Formichettie’s daytime vision in the editorial ‘The Nomad of The Golden Sand.’ Appearing in the new vol. 4 of Vogue Hommes Japan, it’s a colorful and sexy vision that features a vibrantly over-accessorized Alejandro Rodriguez [Ford Homme].'Homotography

Paloma Faith!

After falling in adoration over her first single (Stone Cold Sober) Be a part of Paloma's Magic Circle! It's her newest single and my favorite tune off her album 'Do You Want The Truth Or Something Beautiful'. Besides the fact that she chose thee most clever and fun track off her album, I WANT HERE MUTLI-COLORED FEATHERED CAPE!!! Yes, yes...para mi para mi por favor!

Julianne Moore

Actress Julianne Moore takes the cover of BlackBook Magazine's Denim Issue for March 2010. The star speaks with BlackBook editor Nick Haramis about her Chloe love scenes with Amanda Seyfried , the dangers of celebrity culture and how she explains her job to her children...

On her Chloe love scenes with Amanda Seyfried ... “We made so many jokes about that. It’s that straight-male fantasy thing: ‘You had an affair? Oh my God! You had an affair with a woman? Tell me all about it!’”

On the dangers of celebrity culture... “Sometimes I see other moms reading tabloids and I always tell them how dangerous they are for young people. Don’t waste your time investing in the story of some pretty blonde who just got extensions and broke up with her boyfriend. Spend that time thinking about your own girlfriend who just got extensions and broke up with you. Keep it in your own life.”

On explaining her job to her children... “Our parents are our parents, so that’s my connection to my children. My kids have some knowledge about my work, but they’ve never seen any of my movies, not even Jurassic Park. It’s not like I say, Gather around, everyone! It’s time to watch one of mommy’s movies!”

For more from Julianne, visit

Talk Of The Day: Miuccia Prada Doesn’t Like Twitter

Patrizio Bertelli: “You don’t get it, do you? Communications move fast and fast communication compromises quality. It’s inevitable, and you have to accept that.”

Miuccia Prada: “It’s not that I don’t want to embrace the Internet, but I don’t want to just throw random answers out there. In that case, I’d rather not answer.”

-Prada and her husband/business partner Bertelli talk Internet and web strategy in an interview with WSJ.

Alexander McQueen’s Final Collection

Petr Rykov by Mikhail Kharlamov

'A secret meeting that failed. Something dangerous, maybe a bit sinister. You are nervous and on edge, but you look sharp & stylish, so you're keeping it cool... That is the theme of this shoot by photographer Mikhail Kharlamov and stylist/art-director Vadim Galaganov, featuring model Petr Rykov [Black]. The editorial appeared a while back in TREND magazine, and it has an accompanying short film that you can watch below.'Homotography

Flowers in The Attic by Ignacio Lozano

The new issue of U_Mag features this editorial ‘Flores en el atico’, photographed by Ignacio Lozano with realization by Natalia Ferviu . The models are Juan, Cesar, Willi, and Cecilia.

'Nuit Blanche' by Jean-Baptiste Mondino | Numéro Homme

'The new issue of Numéro Homme keeps its dark & sexy vibe with 'Nuit Blanche' by French photographer Jean-Baptiste Mondino. The featured boys include Hugo Sauzay, Tomek Szczukiecki, Gerhard Freidl, Florian Bourdila, and Viggo Jonason.'Homotog

Ladies, Would You Rather…? Yellow Ruffles Edition

Would you rather don YSL’s electric yellow pouf or Thakoon’s yellow top-and-bottom ruffles with a sheer panel in between? Hmmm....

As for me, gimme some black gloves!!!

Ask an Expert: Will Pieces from Cheap Designer Collaborations Be Worth Money Someday?

By: Cheryl Wischhove Over at Fashonista

"As I was spring cleaning my closet the other day, I relegated an old Thakoon for Target striped t-shirt to the “workout clothes” pile. Later that same week, though, I wore his three-year-old white Gap shirt to work.

The paradox got me thinking: Designer collaborations are more abundant than ever, but as the pieces age, do they become more precious, or less so?

Jean Paul Gaultier’s recent line for Target was bashed in the blogosphere for looking and feeling cheap. And Giles Deacon’s been designing for high street store New Look for a few years now, but my UK correspondents have assured me that his pieces are “just as crappy as the rest of the clothes in the store.” The other day I saw a girl wearing Sonia Rykiel for H&M and I thought, “God, that looks trashy.”

Sure, the latest round of discount collabs haven’t been great quality-wise, save for Liberty of London. But what about Karl Lagerfeld’s pieces for H&M? Or Proenza Schouler for Target? Will they ever be even remotely as valuable as a real Proenza, or a Fendi? Or maybe even a Chanel?

Cameron Silver, owner of world-famous vintage boutique Decades, thinks most lack that kind of potential. Certain collections, such as Viktor & Rolf’s for H&M (particularly the wedding dress) and the CFDA Gap collaborations seem more special. But they won’t “necessarily be family heirlooms in the future,” he says.

The lesson: If you want to try to sell your Rodarte for Target on eBay, you better do it now. Because it’s likely to depreciate in value."

Well that answers a question i've been pondering about for sometime now. Spring is definitely approaching and because I am currently going through a pubescent/ physical metamorphosis... which means ive kicked up my work-out regiment and my body measurements have expanded(not in fat)so i've upped a whole size on practically all my wardrobe! Who wants some M.J...say IIIIIIII!!!!

Talk Of The Day: Zoe Saldana

In her cover story for Essence Mag, Zoe raves about the wonders of getting it on...and as of late, I've been agreeing with Zoe's take on sexual social inhibitions

On sex... “Love it, love it, love it-can’t live without it! I love sex. I love skin. I don’t believe the body is something to hide. I think in American society we’re messing up our kids by taking away the education on and awareness of our sexuality and replacing it with violence, guns and video games-and we’re breeding little criminals.”

On love... “I’m more of a punch-drunk-love kind of girl. I mean punch as in that pow, that jolt, that kick in the gut. I like things that are severe, passionate and extreme.” Via (

Its Just One Of Them Days Perhaps

Someone just won't let Gordon Boyd be great! After reporting some serious news in Knoxville, TN, Gordon threw a tantrum over some kind of technical mess-up. You can almost see the words, I quit this B****" off his lashes. The funniest part of video comes when the news anchor can see it too, and boy oh boy does he look frightened!

Robert Sheehan by Pierre Debusschere | AnOther Man

The unique photography of Pierre Debusschere is featured in the new issue of AnOther Man with British actor Robert Sheehan in a Dolce & Gabbana menswear special.

Brad Bowers by Hedi Slimane | Vogue Hommes Japan

'Incredibly beautiful images by Hedi Slimane featuring Brad Bowers in ‘Heavenly’ from the new Vogue Hommes Japan vol. 4 with styling by Nicola Formichetti.' - Homotography

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