Christina Aguilera Is Bionic!

Christina Aguilera has FINALLY ('It's Coming!') premiered her new song “Not Myself Tonight” on her A.P.E. radio station. The songstress belts out in the first opening lyrics of the track, “I'm not in character, I'm in RARE FORM TONIGHT!!!"

'Not Myself Tonight' is off of Christina’s fourth studio album, Bionic, due out on June 8th. Indulge kiddas and listen to the premiere of Christina Aguilera’s new song, “Not Myself Tonight” below!!!!!!

Christina Aguilera’s latest round of promo pics for her new album Bionic revealed a very interesting piece of jewelry, Betony Vernon’s 'Petting' sex ring!

The sex ring connects the index finger and thumb of the right hand and forms the chi murda position (the yoga/meditation gesture for a one-pointed, concentrated mind). A little naughty but still luxe!

Betony Vernon’s erotic collection of jewelry can be viewed at and purchased at

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