Friday, October 8, 2010

The Hollies

The Hollies are an English rock band from the yummy and quite possibly greatest era in rock history, the 1960s! What's even more impressive is that they are still touring nowadays just like The Rolling Stones . This band is also responsible for the mid 60s musical juggernaut movement called "The British Invasion".

As we embrace the beautiful leaves in autumn as they come spiraling down, it's the right moment to start hunting for several fall and winter season outfits! The Hollies give us some groovy ideas in the photo opt above. From a striped collar-less shirt to a sleek black military jacket with epaulets, th options are a plenty! The classic staple of a double breasted jacket always triumphs in my opinion. Throw some bright ties with some smart shirts and you're set. It has a throwback elegant feel with a modern chic appeal. Dig it kiddas and do me proud!

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