2010 BET Award Highlights!

The new stars of Black Entertainment TV were out in full force last night for the 2010 edition of the BET Awards in Los Angeles, hosted by Actress, Rapper, Queen Latifa.

The over three hour show exceeded our entertainment expectations as the night was filled with non-stop quality performances (just a few not so exciting) and a special LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARD to the pint sized Icon in purple, the artist know as Prince.

Our Highlights are as follows:

Alicia Keys who’s expecting a baby with producer/fiance Swizz Beatz, performed a medley of hits while wearing a Purple gown which perfectly fit her with child form.

Later Keys joins Janelle Monae and Patti Labelle for a special tribute to Pop/RNB icon Prince that put the audience to their feet and gave Prince some positive amusement from the very special female souls.

Watch as Keyes performs a section of the tribute to Prince while in full force and on top of a piano with child. Even Prince gave a wide eyed look as Keys at her mother to be size still put on a full experience.

Janelle Monae did her funky thang as she grooved across the stage in her own pint sized glory as if a mix between Prince, the heavenly Michael Jackson and James Brown.

But it was the force of Patti Labelle that brought Prince up with emotion as only Patti can do. The precarious in heels, Labelle kicks off her heels for only Prince to catch one as a superior award.

Notably apparent was the Diddy force at the awards show. Diddy who has not had great success with his reality side projects nor his own music seemed to command the stage as his team of personalities such as Nicki Minaj, Ludacris, Dirty Dirty Money and a slew of others performed with full on entertainment value. Seems like Diddy is back to reclaim his career with his strong talent roster.

Kanye West also made his first appearance by opening up the awards show with his performance of his song Power. Set atop of a turbulent volcano, and moody skies he was back-lit to give an impression of I am my music not my being.

Over all, as last years BET award. The show was very well planned out and the performances were exciting. Our most notable cringe worthy performance and in our eyes DISGUSTING performance was the Micheal Jackson tribute by fallen star Chris Brown.

Brown who was introduced by another broken star Jermaine Jackson (and lacking anything original to say) gave his 'heartfelt' tribute to the ever long King of Pop entertainment. Browns routine was very creative and well done but thats were it ends.

Brown attempts to win over the crowd with a his very staged looking emotion and plea's for another chance as he attempts to cover Jacksons 'Man in the Mirror'.

If the King were alive, Chris Brown and Jermaine Jackson would be home where they need to be - thinking up another way of creating a "come back".

Thats our covergage of the 2010 BET award show. Visit http://betawards.bet.com/ for a full list of Winners and Honors.

Thoughts and Comments, Kiddas?

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