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Francisco, Frankie, Chico… Whatever you may call him, Francisco Lachowski aside from being an itsnotyouitsme constant feature, is a Brazilian model quickly on the rise and capturing hearts as he does so. Well mannered, eager to learn and always a pleasure to have on set, this is only the beginning of a modeling future that is sure to be as long as it is bright. In a followup to our introduction post, we had the opportunity to interview the promising Ford model.

How did your family and friends initially react to you winning Supermodel Brazil?

Francisco: They liked [it] a lot and they support me…always.

You walked an incredible number of shows this past runway season…how was that?

Francisco: It was amazing! [Especially] a great experience to do the shows in New York City.

What is your most memorable shoot to date?

Francisco: Dior shoot [with Karl Lagerfeld]

You are relatively new to modeling, yet have quite the following. How does it feel?

Francisco: It’s a pleasure and it’s very motivating for me.

Has modeling changed your view on fashion?

Francisco: Yes, [it] did change. Before I didn’t know much about designers and all this, [but] now I have to and I pay a bit more attention [in] what to wear.

How has your day to day schedule changed?

Francisco: It has changed completely. Much more intense now.

What’s your favorite part about modeling?

Francisco: Traveling and meeting new people.

Least favorite?

Francisco: To be alone and away from the family.

What do you like to do on your downtime?

Francisco: Computer, music and sleep.


Francisco: Sports, skating, movies, social life…

Upcoming work?

Francisco: Lots of editorials, lookbooks for Calvin Klein, DKNY…Campaign season is just starting now [and] I have high hopes.

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