Saturday, February 27, 2010

So Prada Has BOOBS Now!

On Wednesday, word leaked that Prada’s cast would be surprising and yesterday morning Fashionista listed a few things they'd like to see.

"In the afternoon, Kate & I sat in front of the computer and waited for a surprise. The clothes? Brilliant. The hair? Amazing. The camera’s focus on Lauren? Fun.

But the surprise? We saw Doutzen and Alessandra, but kept waiting for something revolutionary. After all, someone behind the scenes promised, “this line up will shake the earth with surprise.”

And now everyone’s aflutter because Miuccia traded out a couple of teenagers with boy bodies for a handful of woman with breasts and hips? Miranda Kerr’s the same size as Natalia Vodianova; Alessandra Ambrosio’s probably the same size as Iris, with a slightly bigger bra size; yes, Doutzen was the biggest girl on Prada’s runway, but despite the fact that she looks quite plump here, she’s a quarter the size of an average woman in real life.

So when Cathy Horyn says, “voluptuous,” or HollywoodLife writes, “this could have earth-shatteringly positive consequences,” and only Sarah Mower feels the need to clarify, “relatively curvaceous,” it doesn’t sit right.

It’s great to see these women, who all happen to be Victoria’s Secret models, on the runway, but the build up and consequent “revolutionary” talk is silly. Or like Kate says, “The biggest letdown in the universe.”

Earth-shattering consequences? Hardly. A little self-involved, in our own state of delusional disproportion are we HollywoodLife??? Nonetheless, I applaud Prada's efforts in attempting to bring more "normal" sized ladies on the catwalk.

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