Friday, January 8, 2010

Is Conan's Time Up?!?

'Yesterday, TMZ said that NBC is moving Jay Leno out of his 10pm home. Their source claimed that Leno is sliding back into the 11:30pm slot, leaving Conan O'Brien's future at NBC up in the air. Well, TMZ has a little more information today.

According to their source, NBC has given Conan two options. Conan can either jump back a few places to the 12 to 1 slot. Or Conan can go to the trash room, pick out the sturdiest-looking cardboard box, return to his office and collect his things. If Conan goes with the latter, Leno's show will be a full hour. If Conan goes with the former, Leno's show will be thirty minutes.

Conan's team has told NBC that he's considering the offer.' -Dlisted

I'm sure Conan appreciates(sarcasm) the heads over at NBC shitting all over his head without warning.

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