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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Model as the Muse

Good day my little monsters!
I have much to prepare for since I have a very important phototshoot coming up later in the week.

As always, I shall keep you all updated with final images along with sneak peeks!

Will see you back here on Monday ehh.

Oh! and here below are a couple images from last weekends Fashion Show which was a triumph.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Reclaiming control

Sure, Burberry and Michael Kors and even Twenty8Twelve have provided live broadcasts of their shows to make the public feel included, but Alexander McQueen’s one-upping everyone by partnering with Nick Knight’s ShowStudio.

Together, they’re reclaiming control of the front row’s Flip Cams and Twitters with the use of robot cameras both on and off the runway to guarantee that everyone, everywhere (with a computer) sees the show and the atmosphere as though they’re present.

“I want to generate something else, something for a wider audience. For people in Australia, Asia, and Middle America who don’t have a seat at the show. Really, what I’m aiming for is world domination,’ he joked to WWD.

Of course the problem with the public seeing the clothes immediately is that it’s still hard for most to wrap their head around the fact that they can’t have what they’re currently falling in love with for another six months.

Sounds dangerous. But I approve and dig the idea more importantly!

Joe Lally

Now, here's what I call a neighborhood watch.

Photography by: Joe Lally.
Styling by: Carlos Davis.
Models: Biljana @ New York Models,
Michael Brager and Ryan Koning @ Major Models.
Hair: Jordan M. @ Susan Price.
Stylist's Assistants: Emily Kracauer and William Castelli.
Location: Smyth Hotel, New York

Chelsea's Corner

Antonio Boy

Baby Rhino Knut

"A baby rhino was born at a zoo in Münster, Germany and the media is calling her the next Knut.

Just like Knut, the baby rhino was rejected by her mother right after she was born. The rhino's mother who goes by the name Emmi, pushed her new baby aside right after birth. Emmi has a history of murdering her babies right after birth, so zookeepers immediately intervened and took the new one from her. The baby rhino is now being raised by a caretaker and she will greet the public next week."

Courtesy Of: Listed

Always Hire the Village Girl or the Gay Guy

Kelly Cutrone is the brains behind Peoples Revolution and a fashion figure widely regarded within the industry as someone on whose good side you'd best keep. According to Cutrone, "I have a rule you can't cry in the office. This whole feminist thing ... girls are crazy. Everybody wants equality; so, in my office you have to do the same thing that the guy would do." And that includes proper use of anal probes.

This is definitely a wicked interview that you all should peek into...

Amy, Why Oh Why ?!?

Amy Winehouse allegedly storms into a school in London and confronts a young girl who supposedly bullied her goddaughter Dionne Bromfeld on Monday September 21.

The 26-year-old English singer then reportedly start verbally abusing her and spitting on her.

After coming to her senses, she signed a few autographs before deciding to head home and calling it a day.

Thursday, September 24, 2009


Artist: Ellie Goulding


Earlier this summer it was French Elle who popped the lid off of fashion's retouching world by publishing images of celebs and supermodels without makeup or digital enhancement.

Questioning the extreme reconstruction of fashion imagery has hit an all-time high. Harper's Bazaar followed French Elle's lead, showcasing non-retouched photos in their September issue. But now the French government is looking to take the biggest step in anti-retouching that the industry has yet seen.

According to Reports, French officials are looking to place warnings on advertisements and images that have been retouched. “The proposed legislation calls for photographs of people ‘whose body image has been digitally manipulated to be accompanied by a statement saying ‘digitally enhanced to modify a person’s body image’.” And should companies fail to adhere to the warning, they’d be fined upwards of “37,500 euros (55,000 dollars).” The warning won’t only apply to advertisements but it would encompass “packaging, political campaign pictures and art photography.”

Could It Possibly Happen ???

'Well, we saw it coming. On one hand, maybe this is how the pop ecosystem works. That is, in order to facilitate the trapezoid of life that governs showbiz, all lesser pop stars must cannibalize on what non-chemical biomatter remains of any deceased pop legend. So that in some shape or form, most traces of the pop star can dissolve into the earth. And then, future pop stars can mint their legacies on flat covers of his hits.

In that respect, Janet Jackson and Madonna meeting over greasy banh mi or whatever to talk about how to turn one man's death into career momentum for themselves is a sensible turn of events. But on the other hand, it's disappointing that two surviving pop forces, who both delivered poignant Michael Jackson tributes only recently, are piecing together a collaboration designed to launch them squarely into America's heart.

Madonna was so impressed with Janet’s tribute to Michael that they started talking about how great it would be to honor him by doing something together,” confides an insider, probably Lourdes, after being bribed with a Kinder Egg. “With that one performance, Janet proved she’s back on top of her game. And who better to join forces with than Madonna? There was definitely something very interesting being planned between them.

The last time two iconic divas chucked together a heap of pop-compost, the result was wormy at best. But maybe Madonna and Janet aren’t planning on recording a pop song together. Maybe they’re planning a ritual sacrifice to MJ (it’s totally in Madonna’s nature, as we’ve learned.) Although either effort would be better than any kind of literary tribute.

So how exactly would all their grief, in any kind of collaborative effort, prove persuasive? If it involved less gloss and machination and more candor. Ideally, a YouTube clip leaked at odd hours of the night starring two of them singing into the iSight of a friend’s MacBook Pro would do the trick. Like perhaps?'

Courtesy of: Black Book Mag


Here's a peek at the upcoming Dolce & Gabanna SS10 collection.

It comes courtesy of Swide magazine, which I’d never heard of, but after a bit of research have decided it’s actually Dolce & Gabanna’s own online publication. Each and every story is, after all, about the Italian design duo.

Anyway, from the video we learn there will be lots of white lace, lots of wide, black fishnet like material and some ribbons. They’ll be debuting one each day until the collection shows in Milan this week.

Satyenkumar Spring/Summer 2010

After all the womenswear shows, we need some men!
London finally gives us some testosterone.
Although in slightly soft and alleviated doses.
Pastels and sheer are strong.

I also know this personally because I did a Fashion Show this past weekend and it was all about sheer tops!

And I dig it.

Satyenkumar Spring/Summer 2010

Not about to negotiate

Lily Allen seems to be moving far far away from the music industry, because she claims she's done making albums.

One of the reasons why Lily is quitting is because she's sick of individuals stealing her music without paying for it. Lily even started a blog devoted to music piracy and wrote up a lengthy rant on the subject (the post has since been taken down).

According to Lily, her contract is up and she's not about to negotiate. She reportedly wrote on her blog :

"Just so you know, I have not renegotiated my record contract and have no plans to make another record. I do however remain a fan of new music, so this is not some selfish crusade.

The days of me making money from recording music has been and gone as far as I'm concerned, so I don't stand to profit from legislation. Except future purchases of previously recorded material."

Lily's rep tried to fix her rant of whines by saying, "she's not quitting music, but simply has no current plans to make a second record. Lily is apparently focusing on her acting career by starring in the West End theater production of Neil LaBute's Reasons to be Pretty."

If it's true(which i bet it's not)here's one of Lily Allen's best goodies to date!

Do Right! Cause the only thing worth living for is the good

Christina Aguilera and the World Food Programme sees hunger first hand during a recent trip to Guatemala, which has the highest child malnutrition rates in Central America.

The 28-year-old singer explained, “I wanted to see with my own eyes what hunger means. As a mom my heart just breaks when I see how young mothers like Concepción struggle to feed their children. I don’t think I can ever forget these images.”

Adds Chrsitina, “The people of WFP do such a great job helping hungry children and mothers. I’m thankful for the opportunity to be part of such a wonderful project and incredible team. WFP urgently needs donations to keep feeding some 150,000 women and undernourished children – I want to raise awareness and open people’s eyes so they can get the funds they need to keep on working.”

To help Christina’s cause, visit Watch her PSA below!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Chris Smith’s ‘Collapse’ the Scariest Movie of All Time?!!?

"A lot of what I’ve read coming out of the Toronto International Film Festival confirms the same opinion: Chris Smith’s Collapse is a terrifying, gut-wrenching, oh-god-no! type of film. But it’s neither slasher nor big-budget rendering of Armageddon. Rather, it’s a documentary focusing on cop-turned-reporter Michael Ruppert. What, you may ask, is so scary about that? Turns out Ruppert is something of Cassandra figure who predicted the sub-prime mortgage crisis with crazy accuracy a few years back. He’s got some other pretty frightening predictions too.

For one thing, Ruppert thinks the moment of peak oil (when the rate of oil production enters terminal decline) is basically upon us, and that, as a consequence, life as we know it is perilously close to an end. The future will be survivable, yes, but very, very unpleasant. This is not a new theory, of course, and Ruppert apparently gives signs during the interview of being perhaps a bit tetched. Nevertheless, few have come way from the film unmoved, and many have written about it as if somewhat shell-shocked. “He’s like Noam Chomsky as a gripping pundit of doom,” says Owen Gleiberman at Entertainment Weekly. “Even if you want to argue with him (and you will, since he’s predicting very bad things), you can’t dismiss what he’s saying.” Jeffrey Wells at Hollywood Elsewhere goes a step farther, stating, “After seeing Collapse I’m 95% convinced that we’re on the brink of Armageddon—that we’re truly and royally fucked.”

Yipes! Really? Having not yet seen Collapse myself, it’s hard to say just why Ruppert’s doomsday prophecy is so thoroughly convincing where others are not. The film looks to have a good shot at scoring a distribution deal, but those impatient to find out more right away can visit Ruppert’s website.

Courtesy of: BlackBook Mag


I'd like to introduce you kiddas to the Riverdance Dog!

Zara Gets Saucy!

Each time I enter a Zara store, I go browsing through the women's section first before I go to their often boring menswear section. You can't really blame me for doing the cross-over as the men's section is really nothing new and you suddenly think that it's not fair because the girls are havin' so much options. Don't you just sometimes like the idea of knock-offs or look-alikes of your most desired designer looks from your favorite fashion retailers? I can't help but fall under this kind of spell or shall I say tendency because I don't have money to blow on certain pieces I would so want for the season. Well, moving on from the womenswear section it seems rather promising that the menswear division is packing up some antics...


In a low context culture, a lot of things are direct to the point. In other ways they are further manifested through being written, verbalised and being well-articulated. But In this regard, I'd like to present to you Razorlight's two videos for their single Hostage of Love.

The promotional vid above shows a kind of sixties vibe reminiscent of the early material from the Rolling Stones kind of feel. I could not speak in entirety of that era as I was born two decades later but somehow that's how the video presents itself to moi.

And then came this official video of sorts which rather felt like every visual was meant to directly imply the lyrics of the song. In most cases, the literal can excessively be tiring for an active mind, one that always loves to create a discourse with everything that is to be consumed. In any case, I do believe Razorlight should have just sticked to the black and white video. This one is clearly a major disappointment. It's like where did all the creativity go? But babbling the obvious often times gets too annoying...

Sarah Blasko

The feeling of being in a magical far away land is something I find myself daydreaming with quite frequently.

Now, put into the picture Sarah Blasko's sweet voice.

Chelsea's Corner

Worst Date Ever

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Man, I Feel Like a Pony!

Is it a man or a woman? And does it even matter ? Following Dazed & Confused’s gender-morphing cover, I have this feature “Man, I Feel Like I a Woman” by PonyStep.

Is it a man or a woman? And does it even matter ? Following Dazed & Confused’s gender-morphing cover, I have this feature “Man, I Feel Like I a Woman” by PonyStep.

I also don't know why, but looking through these images and having Rich Girls playing in the background goes quite mint! Hahahaha


Madonna's Hidden Track 'It's Not Cool' off her upcoming 'greatest hits' album is explosive! This shagtastic tune has me dancing in my knickers all day all night!

Reasons like this is why I adore Madonna.

Nigel Tomm

Nigel Tomm himself describes his work as Most Famous & Super Popular Art. His interpretations of high-gloss photographs are raw and pitiless. Very ironic and also very superficial. Crunched and then pressed into digital squares to maintain the original shape. Destruction without destroying.

Lip My Stockings

Here is a fun little video clip to Sawoff Shotgun´s single "Lip My Stockings". Filmed during a photoshoot and some gigs.

Betty & Francois Catroux

Source: Retro Vintage Mod Style

Betty & Francois Catroux.

Fall has already begun in some parts of the world, and with its wardrobes and outfits...we will experience a transition also. So goodbye for now to the light fabrics and welcome back to the turtlenecks, double breasted jackets, velvet suits!

'In February 1968, French model and Yves Saint Laurent muse, Betty Catroux (Betty Saint) married French decorator, Francois Catroux. The wedding took place in Cap Ferrat. It can be considered as an "original wedding" since the bride skipped the traditional white dress and opted for a black and white Pierre Cardin fur coat paired with patent leather boots. The groom also broke the tradition by wearing a chocolate velvet suit with a white turtleneck.'

Definitely a late 60s Mod wedding.

Chelsea's Corner

She's Got Balls!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Louise Goldin: Spring/Summer 2010

Tull, lamé and cone bras. Baroque feminity paired with harsh and slighty imperfect structures. The soft and pretty threatened by chaos and misplaced lines. The princess is the evil.


Courtesy of: Horst

John Rocha: Spring/Summer 2010

Boys and flowers. A dichotomy that always works. I am definitely seduced by these looks. For obvious reasons.

Courtesy of: Horst

And that Ladies and Gentlemen is how it's done!

A 23-year-old man was attempting to rob a bank in Wisconsin when a vigilante came out of nowhere and tackled his thieving ass to the ground.

Hopefully, grandpa didn't break his hip...
And the best part is when the woman kicks the robber while he's down.

Chelsea's Corner

Last month, it was reported that Chelsea Handler ended her relationship with boyfriend/boss Ted Harbert. The story says Chelsea put his arse on the streets and he was forced to live in a hotel.

Well, Ted must have poked Chelsea's pikachu the right-way, because the two were spotted being all couple-like again! A fairytale ending, perhaps???

Valentine's Day

"Valentine's Day" comes out in February 2010 and stars Anne Hathaway, Jessica Biel, Patrick Dempsey, Ashton Kutcher, Bradley Cooper, Julia Roberts ... and SO many more!

Mint Image


Hilary Duff shows off her new clothing line Femme for DKNY Jeans, in a video web series called The Chase.

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