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Saturday, September 19, 2009

Model as the Muse

Good day my velveteen rabbits!
I have much preparation in anticipation for tomorrow's HUGE fashion show i'll be in! As always, I shall keep you all updated with final images along with sneak peeks!

Will see you back here on Monday, ehh.


Friday, September 18, 2009

Sparkling 70s bush

Here's a practically naked Pink kicking off her tour at the KeyArena in Seattle Tuesday night, and you have to respect a woman for wearing an outfit with a sparkling 70s bush!


This Kiss

Two boys, one wearing platform sneakers. D&G becomes the epitome of sensual seduction. Who would've ever guessed.

Romanticizing Suicide ???

'Lady Gaga is a unique performance artist. And if you believe that every foray she makes into the public eye is not a calculated, pre-planned step designed to stir the public into some sort of frenzy, then you may be one rib-eye short of a full order of surf n' turf. On such an evening as the Vma's, it seems fit to include a half-dozen costume changes. It also would've had to include a performance so maddening that it would've felt incomplete without stage carnage of some sort.'

'Or if you’re members of British wellness awareness group Papyrus, you could’ve mistaken the performer’s four-minute odyssey as a ringing endorsement of suicide. They elaborate: “This act is not cool–sensationalizing and romanticizing suicide is irresponsible. Celebrities, who are often idolized by young people, need to be more aware of the impact that such acts can have on vulnerable young people.” Which begs the question: Does the “Paparazzi" music video similarly glorify homicide? Does it even matter since fake blood has been spilled on the stage and we’ve already determined Gaga to be among the night’s winners? '

What do we think kiddas ?

I loved it.

Here is a snippet from an interview(posted before). Love her or follow the trend of being an "anti-idontlikeher-shelookslikea-whatisshewearingnow..." Lady Gaga has one crucial aspect to herself that makes her who she is,
And that is...

Chelsea's Corner

Making out in: His Band

Rumors! Rumors!

RUMOR OF THE DAY: Jean-Paul Gaultier is said to be next up in Target’s Designer Collaboration series. None of the parties would comment officially , but I say yes, please.

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Ohhh Japanese Television, I tell yah.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Faded Image

Rock Legend: Deborah Harry
Rock Legend: Iggy Pop

Marc, Mio Amore!

Rodarte Triumphs

Rodarte Spring/Summer 2010

We've seen asymmetric mix and match patchwork looks on nearly every New York runway show. Criticizing a lack of uniqueness and diversity. But now I have to admit, Rodarte understood it well. They win the race.

Bird Talk!

First video by local Chicago indie band Bird Talk.
Shot in Pilsen, Chicago in July 2009 by Mario Amadeu.

Baby Trousers

Duckie Brown Spring/Summer 2010 vs. Golden diaper

Ok, it does look like a diaper, but I think the shape is pretty neat. And somehow this is what we all want, being surprised.

Chelsea's Corner

Chelsea Comedian: Loni Love

The Carpenters

The Carpenters was perhaps the most famous brother/sister music group of the 70s. Hits such as "Close To You" (written by Burt Bacharach), "We've Only Just Begun", and among others make up their discography from late 60s to the early 80s.

Here is a very 70s styled photo of siblings Karen Carpenter (she died in 1983) and Richard Carpenter. She is wearing a fuschia butterfly sleeve dress, while he is wearing a blue velvet double breasted jacket, with a wide collar yellow shirt.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Electric Soldiers!

Some Stop-Motion technique for you.
The Band: Van Jets

Sipping Champagne from Pink Labeled Bottles in their Sequin Dresses

"Betsey Johnson didn’t hold a presentation at the Plaza yesterday, she threw a rager in the lobby.The designer’s apparently redesigning Eloise’s room at the hotel and thought the elegant setting would contrast nicely with her punk rock clothes.

Models - boys, girls, Georgia May Jagger all threw down on stage, chugging champagne from pink labeled bottles in their sequin dresses, tulle headdresses and nipped in suits. There was pink and pink and some lime green and more pink. The boys wore tie dyed tank tops and skinny jeans and sunglasses and everyone danced to Ida Maria, performing on a side stage."

Courtest of: Fashionistas

Cut him some slack, NOT!

President Obama declared that Kanye West is a jackass after hearing about "the mic snatchin incident." Well, Obama really did say that and TMZ got a hold of the audio, which was recorded right before he was about to do an interview with CNBC.


Marc Jacobs: SS010

"Marc channeled his collection for Louis Vuitton AW09, at least in the modified bunny bows over messy chignons. Poufy shoulders came in sweatshirt form instead of tafetta and he belted Cosby sweaters instead of camel blazers over mini skirts. Mixed prints ruled: plaids, polka dots, stripes in neon colors and super comfortable silhouettes. If you still haven’t found the perfect jumpsuit, Marc just sent it down the runway in emerald green.

As for the show itself, it was celebrity-less, fifteen minutes late and so much fun. For every twenty times we see her stomp in a fantasy outfit, it’s fun to watch Karlie walk down a runway in something we’d actually wear everyday."

Courtesy of: Fashionistas

Chelsea's Corner

Comedians Of Chelsea Lately: Heather McDonald

Rad Hourani Show

Yesterday’s Rad Hourani show offered a little taste of UK’s fashion scene. Well dressed leather clad fashion kids, creatively dressed editors and unwalkable platforms.

The collection though, wasn’t as exciting.

Everyone loved the slashed pants and zipped leather jackets. Especially with open slits at the elbows. Though when the collection turned black and white, more than one person whispered “Gareth” down the row and in the elevator downstairs the group discussion ended with, “Umm.”

It wasn’t bad, it’s just that everyone was so excited and the collection proved less than thrilling."

Courtesy of: Fashionistas

Are you on a Manhunt?

Manhunt decided to conduct a study on what states are home to the biggest and smallest peens by gathering data from their members. Here are the results:

The 5 states with the largest average peen size:
1. District of Columbia - 7.59
2. New York - 7.50
3. California - 7.45
4. Florida - 7.44
5. Kentucky - 7.42

The 5 states with the smallest average peen size:
1. Alaska - 6.34
2. Wyoming - 6.92
3. Delaware - 6.94
4. Arkansas - 6.96
5. Oklahoma - 6.96

This list can also be titled The States BIGGEST LIARS! Real-Talk: If you minus an inch or two that's probably the real average peen size in each state.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Shin-Dig L'Amour



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