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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Los Campesions!

Los Campesions!The indie pop "family" from Wales is overlooked, ignored, and underestimated, yet they have a pretty decent following.(As it goes for most bands in this realm of musique) But this is the band that put out We Are Beautiful, We Are Doomed six months after their debut album Hold on Now, Youngster ...But for any album, it was solid, but for a sophomore effort recorded at light speed, the songs were extraordinary. Always keeping the fun intact. And today they dropped a new single,it's gloomy and large.

Entitled “The Sea Is A Good Place To Think Of The Future,” the song starts on overcast, Eeyore-like gray notes and ends with a rolling, drinking-ballad chorus about symmetry. If this is the sound we can expect to hear from Los Campesions! in the upcoming months, more power to them. They’re a band that deserves far more fame than they have, but if people are gonna keep ignoring them, their loss, our gain my little monsters!

The Sea Is A Good Place To Think Of The Future from Los Campesinos! on Vimeo.

The man with the perfectly tailored suit !

The man with the perfectly tailored suit gets everyone's attention. Well, that's what this new line by Lanvin says to me.

Don't these smart looking suits just appeal to you? One can never deny the powers of a traditional and well-fitting suit. No matter how much I want to try new things like strange silhouettes from Margiela, Yohji Yamamoto, Gareth Pugh...tailored pieces will always be a staple. It's the essence of menswear or perhaps the very heart of it.

Big Cat!

The Jonny boot in a leopard print is what I want. So, whether this consideration is brought about by my attention from my aesthete leanings or my tendency towards ambiguity, I think men should try a little bit of animal print. It could be partly humorous, somewhat ridiculous and a clear indication that we can't always take fashion seriously because than we become jaded and inspiration therefore suffers in return. But by all means, Stefano Pilati is one motivation for this looking up to animal prints.


Much like the song you play when you're in a transitioning phase in your life.
It's somewhat rejoicing somewhere between melancholy and tranquility.

Artist: Lou Barlow
Tune: The Right

Chelsea's Corner

Comedians Of Chelsea Lately: Heather McDonald

Buck Wild For Katie Gallagher

My uncle shot a deer and sent me the hide,” says designer Katie Gallagher, as she filches a cropped bomber jacket with an undulating silhouette from a rack of Spring 2010 looks. “See,” she goes on, holding up the jacket, “you can still see the bullet holes!” Fashion weekers on the hunt not for buck, so much, as for promising new talent, should make space in their schedule for Gallagher’s presentation on Saturday. The RISD grad is relatively fresh off a stint working with Threessfour, the influence of which adds a cool fluidity to her own sculpturally gothic look. The Spring collection, Gallagher’s second, is all black, though that’s not something she sees as being typical. “My last collection was all whites and grays and beiges,” she explains, “and this one started out as, you know, the flip side of that. But then it changed.” Leather is another leitmotif, though only that bomber-jacket sample is worked with bullet holes; elsewhere, Gallagher goes for futuristic, almost furlike laser-cut leather, or a stretchy hide she’s turned into a minidress, its cut distilled from a more directional piece with padded balloon sleeves. “We’re going for total drama at the show,” she notes, “I mean, you want to make a statement. You want to come out with a bang.”

Courtesy of Style online.

Tyra Plays Coy... Or Not

Tyra Banks keeps mum when asked about Janice Dickinson and Paulina Porizkova. That's what Cynthia McFadden did during her interview with TyTy which aired on Nightline last night.

Cynthia asked a question she was told not to ask. Tyra's publicist immediately told Cynthia not to go there, but she didn't listen.

Tyra's face is priceless.

After a few awkward seconds of Tyra trying to keep her composure while freaking out inside, Cynthia said that people were saying that Janice and Paulina were just jealous. This prompted Tyra to respond, "Is that what you think? You said it! Is that what you think? You said it! I do interviews! You said it!"

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Kathy Griffin or is it Kate Gooselin???

Kathy Griffin impersonated everyone's least favorite baby-popping mother Kate Gosselin. George Takei plays Jon Gosselin.Can anyone say, Creep-ville!?! And why isn't George wearing a typical douchey Ed Hardy T ?!

Alex & Erin

A really well made video of Erin Wasson circa 2008 working on Alex Wang’s AW08 collection, dressing models, smoking cigarettes, explaining her decision to document everything on video, “I have a really shitty short term memory and when I’m old with Alzheimer’s I want to be able to like remember how dope and youthful I was.”

Spring: Costume Gala Benefit

"The Costume Institute just announced their Spring 2010 exhibition and the hosts for the Gala Benefit (to be held on May 3.) This year Anna will be sharing the duties with Oprah and The Gap’s Patrick Robinson.

Oprah and Anna together—that’s like some sort of world domination thing going on, right? Let’s just hope they can play nice in the planning process as these are two women who don’t often have to share.

This year’s exhibit sounds super interesting: American Woman: Fashioning a National Identity. It will shine the spotlight on different archetypes of American femininity through dress and “reveal how the American woman intitiated style revolutions that mirrored her social, political, and sexual emancipation.”

Over 75 pieces of couture and high fashion (some that haven’t been seen in public for 30 years) will be on display from the Brooklyn Museum Costume Collection at The Metropolitan Museum of Art from May 5th through August 15th. Think “Gibson Girl”, flappers, and the “Siren” dress worn by Gypsy Rose Lee. Other designers will include Elsa Schiaparelli, Elizabeth Hawes, Madeline Vionnet, Jeanne Lanvin, Madame Gres, Callot Soeurs, and Edward Molyneux, just to name a few.

We’re already excited as this exhibit is sure to be filled with many designers that we might not know as much about as others."

Courtesy Of: Fashionistas

Chelsea's Corner

Comedians of Chelsea Lately: Sarah Colonna

Can someone please do me the favor & buy me a pair!

Men should dress in sequins. As dresses don't seem to be a serious option, why not living one's obsession with sparkle and glamour with a pair of socks.

Kate Moss Freak Out!

Below is a clip of Kate Moss flipping out after James Nesbitt, the host of the GQ Men of the Year Awards in London, made a joke at her expensive. James apparently laughed about Kate being naked on the cover of GQ.

Lily Allen's reaction is quite priceless as well!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


I'm off today my velveteen rabbits.
I'm running quite AMUCK!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Gareth Pugh!

So apparently one of my favorite fashion designers, Gareth Pugh, will be at New York's fashion week. Today his P.R. office confirmed that the London designer will be showing a video directed by Ruth Hogben at MAC & Milk on September 13. “When MAC invited me to be part of their New York fashion week plans, I thought it was the perfect opportunity for me to make a new fashion film,” Pugh explained in an e-mail. “It will hopefully set the mood for my catwalk show, which will take place as usual in Paris. It will represent the essence of what the show this season is about, although it couldn’t be further from a trailer. It’s more of an abstract insight.”

Pugh fans can get their names on the guest list by logging on to MAC’s Facebook page. Oh what I wouldnt give to attend this premiere...but I have my own explosive shindig to host on the 13th and there is still so much to coordinate! Also, my next project im currently working on will feature a multi-layered top designed by Gareth himself!

I Put The Breath In Your Lungs

Allow me to introduce to you to: 'So Many Dynamos"
Off their new album: "The Loud Wars."
An extraordinary song with extroadinary lyrics.
I currently have this shuffling non-stop

Here they are performing "New Bones" live in the KEXP studio. Recorded last month.

You Shoe Whore

This maybe so but who can deny an elevated push from gravity and a style that is fearlessly cut throat .

Chelsea's Corner


Daphne Guinness: Thee Anti-Commercial

"I wanted to make a kind of anti-commercial—an explanation of what it is when I start talking about memory, music, and the idea of certain smells bringing back childhood memories. It’s like time travel. "

There You Have It!


File Under: What The Mahjiggers?!!?

So this is probably my 20th post(Under: What The Mahjiggers?!!?) where I cannot believe why certain images or videos are created. And this performance of singer? Charo is no exception. Charo never ever ages. It's a simple fact. She's around 60-years-old. 'During the MDA Jerry Lewis Labor Day Telethon this past weekend', Charo sang a cover of Rihanna's "Please Don't Stop The Music."

Monday, September 7, 2009


Top of the morning my velveteen rabbits!
I managed to slide into the bath. Need to wake myself up. Going to play in th sun today. All the while scrubbing away to this tune...

Have a splendid day.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Strawberry Fields Forever!

The Beatles besides being among the most talented musicians in music history, can also be considered among those men who were fashionable from the 60s.

They were trendsetters and experimented with the styles of the decade. From their classic and sleek Mod fashions in 1962 to the pyschedelic, high fashion, Carnaby street clothing from the late 60s.

It would be fair to say that The Beatles didn't really "create" any of this trends, they borrowed them from the subcultures of the era, yet they helped make them global and therefore defined fashion in the 60s.

Below the Fab Four around 1968-1969 posing in a field of flowers wearing different styled outfits. Ringo is wearing a colored outfit that is an example of the Carnaby Street style, Paul a sleek purple suit with a white shirt, while John and George opted for something minimalistic and understated.


The tune is called, "Police Sign"
And it's as electrifying as the rest of Poppy's musical creations!

Sir Patrick Wolf

Dazed Digital treats us to a captivating exclusive shoot featuring musician Patrick Wolf and fashion guru James Jeanette with photography by Patrick Lindblom. Check out Dazed Digital for the interview and a special video.

GQ Gentleman

Josh Hartnett Covers GQ Style Germany

Yeah his acting career is pretty much nonexistent, but those eyes, those lips, those eyebrows, wowzer!

Chelsea's Corner

"There Goes" Good TV

The Lady's 'Coslopus' is Offended

Magazine: V Magazine
Stylist: Nicola Formichetti
Model: Lady Gaga
Photographer: Nicola Formichetti

Lady Gaga has had crazy-bizarre rumours since recent footage of her dancing on stage showed a bump in her crotch. "I'm going to ask how her fashion works around her penis ... and whether her fans notice it," the team is heard joking before the interview begins, after a full audio track was posted on the Nova website.

"I don't even know what you're talking about," she responds over the phone from her recording studio in California.

"I'm just a girl from New York that wanted to be a star. Anything you wish to ask me is cool with me."

Meshel then asked, "Where are we at with the tiny penis issue right now, Lady Gaga?"

"My beautiful vagina is very offended," Gaga responds coolly. "I'm not offended — my vagina is offended.

"I've sold four million records in six months. I'm not embarrassed about anything."

Gaga instead said she blamed the she-male rumours on "society's reaction to a strong woman and the idea that we equate strength with man and a penis as a symbol of male strength."

Here is a snippet from a different interview. Love her or follow the trend of being a "anti-idontlikeher-shelookslikea-whatisshewearingnow..." Lady Gaga has one crucial aspect to herself that makes her who she is,
And that is...

Truth Be Told.

Million Dollar Bill

It's the first single from one of the greatest voices of all time, Miss Whitney Houston. The groove is funky and it was written and produced by one of my favorite musicians, the incomparable Alicia Keys.

Need I say more?!!?

Alicia Keys discusses her admiration for Whitney Houston and working on Whitney's new single "Million Dollar Bill".

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