Friday, November 20, 2009

Zac Attack!

Zac Posen’s new line is launching at Saks this spring. And get this, the price point starts at $78. The 60 pieces include tons of separates and are all about sportswear.

Zac told WWD, ““To me, it’s more appropriate to build a whole brand and collection around this price point. Chic sportswear should be at this price point. Designer dresses and cocktail pieces should be at a more expensive price point.”

The inspiration is much more LES than UES as Zac had pics of Nike Dunks and Travis Bickle on his inspiration board. We love the idea of this expansion and not only because it’s going to offer us a little bit of Zac to wear in our daily lives, seeing as we’re not the frequent fancy dress wearers. But also because he sounds so excited and serious about the project.

“I treat a T-shirt as a T-shirt should be treated. With a lot of love.” Well said, sir.

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