Thursday, November 5, 2009

Have a very merry happy birthday Miss Tilda!

Thee extraordinary & brilliant actresa that is
Tilda Swinton turns 49 today!

Here's the lastest project of Tilda's that i've seen as of late...

I have been an admirer of Tilda Swinton, since I first saw her.
Stepping into the world of Cinema, Tilda is possibly one of thee most brilliant actresses of this generation(along with Penelope Cruz,Kate Winslet & Cate Blanchett)

Not only can she take on some roles in what could be considered "difficult" films,but she can fake an American accent quite well. Erick Zonka directs Tilda's character about a self destructive 40 something,full blown alcoholic party girl,named Julia who's party girl days should have been behind her years ago. When she is ordered to attend an AA meeting by one of her best friends , she meets up with a psychologically disturbed woman named Elena,who wants Julia to kidnap her eight year old son from her Grandfather.

Julia with nothing to lose, eventually goes along for the ride. A kidnapping goen wrong,that goes from bad to worse to truly unbearable(and I do mean this quite literally). Thrown in a unintended trip to Mexico, watch as the film goes from perplex to down-right unbelievable!

Rent! it's out now!
File Under: Must watch for all you cinephiliacs

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