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Sunday, July 12, 2020

Sean Suen Spring/Summer 2021

For Spring/Summer 2021, SEAN SUEN tries to bridge the divide between the essence of human life and its internal emotions, and the spirit of the time.

Drawing on Nietzsche’s “The Birth of Tragedy“, SEAN SUEN invokes the spirit of Dionysius, the divine prodigal giver of sublime inspiration whose resurrection means Life stronger than death, as a symbol of humanity’s desire for Life and its eternal admiration for subsistence.

Deconstructing Ancient Greek garments, he reintegrates their elements into contemporary designs as an expression of his desire to soothe and smooth the trauma caused by this disconnection between the current social chaos and the travails of human existence. Comfortable fabrics and a focus on the wearing experience are meant as a way to wean individual bondage, bridging differences between humans and paving the way to a more fulfilled existence — his desire to build a diverse, free, and more viable value system." -

Reality Bites: João for Issue South America

"João Knorr covers Issue South America with a new story lensed by photographer Brent Chua. Front and center, a brunette João sports a mix of flashy numbers that take patterns and fabric into account. Stylist Jorge Morales pieces together the modern ensembles. Morales features an eclectic lineup of brands such as. Berluti, Coach, and Hermès. Meanwhile, Chua achieves a contemporary mood with washed-out effects." -

Mans Spring/Summer 2021

Mans unveiled its Spring/Summer 2021 collection during the Digital Paris Menswear Fashion Week.

The Spanish brand was inspired by the aesthetic of the American photographer Slim Aarons. The SS21 garments are inspired in his fresh colors, silhouettes, and painting prints… But most of all in the general attitude of the peculiar characters, that are represented in his portraits, directly extracted from the Aarons’ artwork. Mans focused on drawing a witty line between the collection and the bucolic multicultural imagination expressed on Aarons’ photography work.

Dressing gowns and tuxedos transport us to the parties where Aarons’ eyes were able to capture this idealized society, which varied depending on the surroundings of the locations. From Capri to Palm Springs, stopping through the wonderful gardens of Marrakech. This collection aims to represent this reality through the creation of unique prints, where naked bodies and abstract designs make a parallelism between the artwork idealization, the nature, and the body anatomy.

Another reference point form the collection, besides the mandarin collars, lapels and fabrics, would be the collaboration with Sevilla-based designers from Tolentino Hats, which helped to conceive a complete vision of the inspiration image that remind us to the most representative hats of the time. All of this enable us to find a complete overview of the characteristic style of Aarons photography artwork." -

Andrea Strips Down for L’Officiel Hommes Italia Kinky Issue

"In the age of digital voyeurism, L’Officiel Hommes Italia explores modern eroticism with its “Kinky” issue. For our first look at the new edition, photographer Henry Wu links up with model Andrea Denver. Retreating indoors, the tanned model strips down to underwear, sporting Tom Ford and Calvin Klein. However, Michael Stallings also styles him in jackets by Catou and Paul Smith, alongside jewelry from Andrea’s line, ANDVER." -

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