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Saturday, August 9, 2014

Nicki Minajs' "Anaconda" Behind The Scenes Video

Welp kiddas, call her the Queen of Rap, call her Nyquil or call her Romaine, Nick Minaj is boiling beyond the kettle stove top barometer releasing over 4 singles since the beginning of 2014. Weve all seen Nicki Minajs' single cover art for her new tune “Anaconda.” Unleashed on Instagram on July 24th, not since Rihanna's CFDA diamond Swarovski crystal ensemble caused chaos and uproar while accepting her style icon award back in June, has a pink thong and a pair of arse cheeks cause a firehouse frenzy!

The video for “Anaconda” will be released any day now, and from the looks of it kiddas, these behind the scene clips offer a turnt up Minaj sippin' on Myx Moscato. Strutting a black bikini bottom and a gold fringe top parred alongside a pair of striking gold heels, Nicki leaves little to the imagination as her upcoming 4th album "Pink Print" swiftly approaches its release date. Saving all the sexy-wowness for the actual musique video itself, Nicki serves us a tantalizing behind-the-scenes look as she frolicks through the jungle followed closlely by director Grizz Lee.

Nicki shake rattles and rolls with a legion of sleek sweaty male models, as one model in particular who seemed quite enthralled with Nicki's beverage of choice as she exclaims, “You look thirsty…like you want some of that Myx!” There are Jamaican accents, body twerking, cup shot drankin' ranting and raves as Nicki teases us with enchantment and speculations!

Audio track "Anaconda."

Full set
of Nicki's Hot 97 Summer Jam 2014 performance featuring Young Thug, Soulja Boy, etc!

Who Dat?! Who Dat?! I-G-G-Y


Iggy Azalea  turns it up a 100 degrees while smashing through the stage on "The Today Show" yesterday morning. The female rap phenom has officially been given the crown of Song Of the Summer with thee inescapable fresh beats of that lil ol' tune you may of heard of kiddas called “Fancy?”

Performing an additional track entitled "Work" off her debut album "The New Classic," Iggy struts her modelesque stature in a brightly orange, sunkissed ensemble, (a la Britney Spears who wore the exact same color scheme when she performed on the exact same stage some 14 years ago,) spitting on the mic her personalized song lyrics eagerly supported by mimicking chants from her elated fans. Azalea also surprised the crowd by announcing her enlistment as a performer at this month's upcoming MTV Video Music Awards. Confirming she will be rapping her brand new single “Black Widow (feat. Rita Ora).”

Without further ado kiddas, make the most of her I-G-G-Y-NESS...!

Performance of "Fancy."


Performance of "Work."

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Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy
Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy


"Tiger of Sweden Fall/Winter 2014 Campaign-Photographed by fashion photographer Boe Marion, model Matthijs Meel stars in the fall/winter 2014 advertising campaign of Tiger Sweden Jeans. For the gritty fall campaign, Matthijs is outfitted by stylist Oscar Lange. Sporting modern youthful styles, Matthijs is captured by Marion in a series of the label’s slim-fit denim jeans, paired with must-have leather jackets." - The Fashionisto


"Mis-Shapes-Featured in GQ UK’s fall supplement, model Benoni Loos connects with fashion photographer Nik Hartley and stylist Jessica Punter. Spotlighting minimal fashions for the season, Benoni models elevated classics. From the chic volume of a Rag & Bone coat to a boxy sleeveless pullover from Michael Kors, Benoni comes out on top with impeccable style choices, courtesy of Punter." - The Fashionisto


"Everyday Fashions-Photographer Gunnar Tufta connects with model Chris Colton for the latest issue of JNC magazine. Honing in on sporty outerwear fashions for everyday wear, stylist Shandi Alexander outfits Chris with a fun unexpected personality. From Isaora’s silver coat to Stone Island’s red parka or Tommy Hilfiger’s green parka vest, active outerwear gets a stylish boost in the fit and color departments. / Grooming by Michael Johnson (Factory Downtown)." - The Fashionisto

Itsnotyouitsme Album Spin - Jake Bugg

He started playing guitar when he was 12, and began song-writing at 14. Hailing from Nottingham, England, the young rocker ditched doing school concerts and dove right into the pub and club scenes at age 16. Although it was quite diffucult booking gigs because he was underage (18 being the legal age,) his first studio gig commenced as an accident. Mistakenly recording a track after his cousion, Ian, a band for which he played bass and guitar for, left the mic on, and his recording of "Trouble Town" eventually made its way to Mercury Records execs.

Jake released his self-titled debut album, mostly penned with fam bam member Iain Archer. Released in the fall of 2012, he shot to superstardom overseas reaching number one on the UK Charts.

Now having just unleashed his sophmore album, "Shangri La", a few months back, Jake only continues to solidify his position as the new head-master of Rock n' Roll as a new generation of rock n rollers emerge. Recording with legendary producer Rick Rubin, in Malibu California, Bugg announced his new single, "What Doesn't Kill You". The record is named after the studio in which Bugg recorded it.

 As always kiddas, scope out our album picks right below!

The Making of the Album 'Shangri La.'

"There's A Beast And We All Feed It."

"Slumville Sunrise."

 "Me and You  (Live.)"


"Kitchen Table."


Latest single released in March of 2014 " Messed Up Kids."

First ever single, "Trouble Town."

"Love Me The Way You Do."

 "On The Graham Norton Show (starting at the 3:21 mark.")

Friday, August 8, 2014

OhLaLa! The Naked Warwick Rowers 2015 Edition

"We have been 'following' the Naked Warwick Rowers and their fight against homophobia for a couple of years now." -

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