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Friday, June 13, 2014

Channing Tatum & Jonah Hill Are Bromantic

Like two cuddly puppy dogs Channing Tatum & Jonah Hill are 'Bromantic' on the cover of Entertainement Weekly in our pick for best cover photo ever!

Heres some of what the boys had to say in the inside interview. 

JONAH HILL: [Laughs] We actually were on a plane ride from Mexico to New York one time with just the four of us on it. CHANNING TATUM: It was kinda strange. I was like, are we the cuter couple? If I wasn’t with my wife and Jonah had lady parts, I would probably ask him out. That’s really sweet.

HILL: If sex doesn’t come into play, I would definitely want Channing as my partner. TATUM: I like to call it cellmates, when you get along really good with somebody. Like, would we be able to work in an 8-by-5 space for a long time.

HILL: It’d be worse for him than it would be for me, because I complain constantly.

You shot the film’s Mexican spring-break scenes in Puerto Rico. What was that like?

HILL: It was great. Reggaeton is playing from every speaker that exists. You walk into any bar, restaurant, elementary school, and it’s like, “Boom-chi-boom-chi-boom-chi-boom-chi-huh!” I loved it, man.

TATUM: Everyone looks like they just stepped out of a CrossFit commercial. They’re all super fit. It looks like they haven’t eaten anything bad in their life.

HILL: I think the national wardrobe is jean shorts.

DyE - Shes Bad Ft. Egyptian Lover

French producer Juan de Guillebon, AKA Dye has released a suped up freestyle/ 80's electro track entitled "Shes Bad" and making the throw back track fully legit it features West Coast Electro pioneer The Egyptian Lover!

Check out the triped out animal sexual video below directed by filmmaking duo Jean-Philippe Chartrand and Benjamin Mege.

“It is about a girl, a bad one, who’s too sexy for human beings,” says wunderkind French producer Juan de Guillebon, AKA Dye, of his latest music video for, “She’s Bad,” a track featuring the vocal stylings of west-coast rap legend Egyptian Lover. The short sees temptress Aude Auffret saunter round a tiki bar setting, her face replaced with library footage cuttings of wildlife and fizzing volcanic springs, Altered States-style. “We were looking at John Stezaker’s layered, peel-away collages, and referenced a book of tattoos and how they sit on the body,” say filmmaking duo Jean-Philippe Chartrand and Benjamin Mege, who have created color-splashed animated works for Modeselektor and compatriot beat-freak Sebastian under their moniker Dent de Cuir. The last video made for Dye—Jérémie Périn’s extremely NSFW sex-and-gore cartoon short for the 2011 release “Fantasy”—has racked up over 48-million hits on YouTube so far. “It was a difficult thing to follow up,” says Guillebon. “I hope this one’s crazy enough for people.”

Dye’s second album Cocktail Citronis is out now on Tigersushi.

Dye: She’s Bad on

Disclosure Remix Pharrell

Off the bat it already sounds like a winner and it is... check out Garage masters Disclosure giving Pharrell Williams classic 2003 track 'Frontin' a mighty mighty groovy remix thats dance floor ready!

Little re-work we did of one of our favourite songs ever… Might give this one away for free when we reach 1m likes on facebook… we shall see ;) ENJOY! -Disclosure

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Comedy Actress Roundtable: Taylor Schilling, Zooey Deschanel, Mindy Kaling, Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting, Edie Falco and Emmy Rossum

Its another Hollywood Reporter Round table fest and this time around some of the best in comedy are featured giving a uncensored look into the new world of pictures they lead. Watch as Taylor Schilling, Zooey Deschanel, Mindy Kaling, Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting, Edie Falco and Emmy Rossum go all out in this great round table session.

Alexandre Cunha is Dracula by Michelle Du Xuan

 A Night With a Vampire–Photographer Michelle Du Xuan reunites with Brazilian model Alexandre Cunha (New Madison) after their shoot last year for L’Officiel Hommes China. Inspired by Bram Stroker’s Dracula, Du Xuan connects with stylist Fleur Huynh Evans for a dark undertaking. Clad in embellished summer fashions from Dries Van Noten, Lanvin and other luxury labels, Alexandre is transformed into the dangerous antagonist for a visually stimulating story, which also features model Raphaelle D. (New Madison). / Hair by Mike Desir. Makeup by Dariia Day. Courtesy of -

Twin Brothers Dominik & Rafael Starmach for Reflex Homme

 Duo Games–Starring in an editorial for Reflex Homme, brothers Dominik and Rafael Starmach are photographed by Piotr Serafin. Embracing a sporty motif, just in time for the World Cup, the boys are styled by Wojciech Szymanski, wearing fun youthful garments from labels such as Adidas. Courtesy of -

Graeme Metz by Cecilie Harris | Boys by Girls

 Canadian model Graeme Metz at Premier Model Management is photographed by Cecilie Harris for the sixth issue of Boys by Girls magazine, dubbed 'The Truth About Boys'. Graeme is styled by Karen Munnis and groomed by Carol Morley. Courtesy of - Homotography

Levi McLean by James Demitri | Exposure

 Australian model Levi McLean at Vivien's Models is photographed by James Demitri in the story 'Exposure' for the latest issue of Dorian magazine; with styling & art direction by Brendan Robertson.
Courtesy of - Homotography

Tony Ward by Paul Scala for Fashionisto

 Mr Ward–Taking a look back at our summer 2012 issue, one of our favorite shoots for the magazine starred none other than model legend Tony Ward. Shot in London by photographer Paul Scala, Tony was outfitted in a white summer wardrobe by Sonny Groo. Capturing the ease and grace of a seasoned model, Tony delivered image after image, so much that we ended up with a beautiful portfolio. Enjoy! Courtesy of -

TONY WARD : THE FASHIONISTO from Paul Scala on Vimeo.

Bauhaus Catalan: Humbert Clotet for Fashionisto #10

Bauhaus Catalan–Taking to the streets for an arts-inspired outing, View Management model Humbert Clotet graces the pages of the latest issue of Fashionisto with a story lensed by photographer Lukasz Wolejko-Wolejszo. Sporting summer styles with a bauhaus spin, Humbert wears fashions from the likes of Dior Homme and Hugo Boss as styled by Annick Turiaf. Courtesy of -

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