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Friday, May 23, 2014

Hair in the Air: Bruce Machado, Lucas Kittel + Reinaldo Berthoti for Drew Editorial

"Hair in the Air–Previously featured in an exclusive, models Reinaldo Berthoti and Lucas Kittel reunite for Drew Editorial. This time around joined by Bruce Machado, the models are photographed by Daniel Rodrigues. Wearing the bright colorful printed fashions of Icarius, the long haired trio are a vision as styled by Cesar Valdivieso. / Makeup by Silvia Ileana Stella. Hair by Hannette Woods. Photo assistance by Alessio Zini. Makeup assistance by Andrea Ballone. Special thanks Studio C16."

Denimocracy: Anatol Modzelewski, Morgan O’Connor + More for Risbel

 Denimocracy–Models Anatol Modzelewski, Anthony White, Brent McCormack, Luca Schmitz, Morgan O’Connor, Steve Df and Vick Correia rock out for the most recent issue of Risbel magazine. Connecting with photographer Bell Soto in New York, the lot embrace a fun rock ‘n’ roll attitude as they are styled by Timothy Reukauf in denim staples. / Grooming by Xavier Soto. Courtesy of -

Jeremy Matos & Tyler Maher by Steven Klein | EY! Read more:

"Models Jeremy Matos and Tyler Maher are photographed by Steven Klein and styled by Nicola Formichetti in the NYC-themed Spring/Summer 2014 issue of EY! MAGATEEN." -

Thursday, May 22, 2014

SHOWstudio: Kate Moss

Its a treasure of modeling porportions as photographer Nick Knight has released some vintage footage of Kate Moss from one of their first shoot way back in 1995.

Coinciding with our Kate Moss month on Tumblr, Nick Knight releases a fashion film that explores and unpicks society's obsession with images of celebrities and our voyeuristic tendencies when it comes to icons.

The film was shot in 1995 during Knight's first ever session working with Moss, who was twenty years old at the time and fast becoming a worldwide star. It features footage from security cameras - a nod to the debate and controversy that surrounded surveillance culture at the time of filming - and presents Moss going about a normal day, from waking up to visiting a Madison Avenue studio to returning home. It is only as the film progresses that the viewer realises he is watching Moss from a stalker's perspective in a sinister play on anonymity, fame and privacy. The work was edited at the time by friend and collaborator Jason Evans.

The Maya Rudolph Show Is All Show!

Talk about a breath of fresh air! The Maya Rudolph Show premiered this week and boy were we in for a show of comedic porportions. The NBC variety show is a first for the SNL star but she is no stranger to performance such as her memorable Beyonce skits on SNL. Check out the 5 minute opening below with some guest star to ring in the 41 year old comedic actress' premiere.


Video Premiere Kylie Minogue - I Was Gonna Cancel

Its a pedestrian affair for Kylie Minogue's second single from her album Kiss Me Once, "I Was Gonna Cancel."

The video is directed by Dimitri Basil and choreographed by Rafael Bonachela in Melbourne, Australia and is a and sassy like the pint size singer. Kylie describes thge video as "It’s an abstract look at pedestrian life and how we’re all just trying to get through and rise above everyday challenges."

It was a dream come true because I've wanted to work with him for a long time. I had two days with him and did two songs, one of which is on my album and it's called I Was Gonna Cancel - because I was having the worst day. Everything was too much. So my second day going in I was literally talking to myself saying, 'Keep it together, this is a very important day, it's Pharrell.' And I burst into tears as soon as I got there. That's why he wrote 'I Was Gonna Cancel' as I didn't feel like going, but had to

Go, go, go, gi-i-irl below!


 Extra| I was Gonna Cancel
 Live at The Logie Awards


Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Stand & Watch: Fernando Cabral for Dapper Dan

"Stand & Watch–Stylist Mauricio Nardi plays with the idea of men in skirts for a new editorial featured in Dapper Dan. Photographed by Johan Sandberg, Fernando Cabral is the model of choice as he heads outdoors for a black & white shoot. Standing at attention, the Fusion model is captured in dark designs by Dior Homme, Maison Martin Margiela, KRISVANASSCHE and other fashion brands." -

Monday, May 19, 2014

Itsnotyouitsme Album Spin - St. Vincent

Singer Annie Clark returns with her fourth, self-titled album, St. Vincent, and from top to bottom its a rousing experimental creation.  We have provided for your listening pleasure the standout of stand out tracks which one review of the album described as a mix between "happiness and madness." 

An interview with NPR describes her inffluence on one the intro track "Rattle Snake";

You start off this new record, basically, by taking your clothes off and running around the desert. It almost seems like a true story, the way it was written and sung.

ANNIE CLARK: It is, in fact, a true story. It's a song called "Rattlesnake." I was in far, far West Texas, at a friend of mine's cattle ranch, a place that's been in her family for years and years and years. And I was walking around, and I was alone, and I thought that it would elevate the experience to take my clothes off and be one with nature and all these things. Of course, I'm such a city girl that I don't know anything about nature without Google at my fingertips — but I was feeling inspired. So I took my clothes off, and I was having this commune with nature, when, all of a sudden, I heard something. I stopped and I thought, "Okay, maybe that's the wind. Maybe that's just a little squirrel scampering through the brush." And then I heard it again, and it was very distinct: It was a rattle. And I turned my head just slightly, and out of the corner of my eye I saw a rattlesnake. And I just took off running.

Great influence indeed but this album is sure to bite you in the butt and its infection is welcomed.

 Tune: Rattle Snake


Tune: Birth In Reverse


 Tune:Digital Witness


 Tune: I Prefer Your Love


 Tune: Bring Me Your Loves


 Tune: Pyscopath


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