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Saturday, December 22, 2012

In Case You Missed It - Metric Covers Blondie

On the most recent Vh1 Divas Live (yes it still exist) the show paid tribute to Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame band Blondie with the best cover we have ever seen attempted by Canadian indie rock and New Wave band Metric.

Lead singer Emily Haines does a perfect job relaying what is considered the most perfect pop song ever recorded in a most modern and fresh take making this a performance not to be missed.

Check out Loves True Bluish Light below!

Andrej Pejic Is A Elle Girl Serbia

It may be only available in Serbia but hey its a start as androgynous male model Andrej Pejic graces the cover of Elle Serbia taking double duty in the fun trendy shoot.

Friday, December 21, 2012

Alicia Keys Letterman Momma

Alicia Keys stops by The Late Show to perform her single "Brand New Me" for the New York crowd and also sitting with Mr Letterman for some catching up with the family.

Catch momma Key's below in a revealing mid drift looking mighty alluring for the night time crowd.

Andre Leon Talley on Mick Jagger: ‘He’s Like a Dandelion’

Vogue's Andre Talley was being a chatty Cathy in a interview for his magazine giving his tid bits on some of rock/pop's darlings-

Andre Leon Talley certainly has a way with words.

Most recently, he put his linguistic talent to good use to review a Rolling Stones concert for And, well, let’s just say we don’t think anyone would have reviewed the concert in quite the same way. Read on for the greatest quotes from the piece.

On Lady Gaga‘s likeness to a miniature horse:

Gaga [...] looked like a little Shetland pony as she gayly walked toward her room. On the fragility of Sarah Jessica Parker‘s son…and his designer wardrobe:

I found Sarah Jessica Parker, with her son in an old pair of Dior kid’s jeans, worrying about the high volumes and resolving the problem by finding earphones to put over her child’s delicate ears On Mick Jagger’s likeness to a lawn-destructing weed–or a mid-20th Century actress:

Mick Jagger on stage is like a dandelion floating in the air [...] He needs no gym instructor… dancing, microphone in hand, [he] exudes the same intense brilliance of Marlene Dietrich On leaving the party early:

Though “Satisfaction” ended at 11:26, according to The Star-Ledger timeline, he was still doing his incredibly sexy Jagger dance-a-thon at 11:33 p.m. I, however, was already in my car at 11:21 to avoid the crush of VIP cars heading out of the back of Prudential.

Long Day's Journey into Night by Willy Vanderperre

Canadian beauty Jessica Stam is photographed by Willy Vanderperre and styled by Olivier Rizzo in the story 'Long Day's Journey into Night' for the January 2013 issue of W magazine. Courtesy of

Jonatan Frenk in ‘Soloist’ by Brent Chua for Fashionisto

Soloist–DNA model Jonatan Frenk gets a new trim and its off to photographer Brent Chua for a new shoot. Styled with a certain edge, Jonatan dons black fashions that include striking garments from Robert Geller, Maison Martin Margiela and more. Courtesy of

Nancy Boys by Jamie Hawkesworth | Man About Town

Dubbed The Gay Issue, the new 11th issue of Man About Town features the brilliant collections story 'Nancy Boys', photographed by Jamie Hawkesworth and styled by Benjamin Bruno with models Ashley, Daniel and Oliver. Courtesy of

Jack by Manu & Pascal for Fashionisto

Introducing Jack–Creative team Manu & Pascal focus their energies on 16 year-old model Jack. Signed to Elite Models Toronto and Major New York, the new face is styled by Pascal Chiarello and groomed by Manu Beltran, donning a variety of pieces from the likes of Engineered Garments and Club Monaco for his grand debut. Courtesy of

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Musique Digs For You Kiddas: Part 36

You know the drill kiddas. Enter the musique of my soul which makes my character who I am (Pss, continue tipping me on your favorites. I adore that you dig my playlists but I like to hear every now and than what yall are listening to as well.) Here's the latest mix of indie-rock-pop-soul-funk (some remixed) tunes I currently have shuffling on my ipod. Indulge yourselves as always ladies and gentlemen...

 Musique Digs For You Kiddas: Musique Digs For You Kiddas: Part 35

Band: Justice
Tune: New Lands

Band: Hits
Tune: Madness

Band: Reverend And The Makers
 Tune: Out Of The Shadows

Band: Moon Boots
 Tune: Sugar

Band: Vera Flash
 Tune: Hustle

Luke Worral by Georgie Wileman | Boys by Girls

D1 model Luke Worral is photographed by Georgie Wileman and styled by Chad Burton in the story 'Luke in Colour' for the new 'A Place Called Youth' issue of Boys by Girls magazine, with hair by John Mullan and makeup by Crystabel Riley. Courtesy of

Lanvin Boys by Aitken Jolly

Models Anders Hayward, Ben Allen and Mayrenne Herry are photographed by Aitken Jolly and styled by Anders Sølvsten Thomsen in a Lanvin story for Bon no. 63. The boys were groomed by Syd Hayes. Courtesy of

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