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Saturday, October 20, 2012


Clearly both of us have hurt eachother. And now neither of us feel safe.

How can we rebuild?

Its gonna take alot of hard work and time.

"Our love comes undone,
slowly unravels,
in a ball of yarn,
We'll have to make new love..."

"Our love comes undone, Slowly unravels, in a ball of yarn, We'll have to make new love..."

Maciej Grubich Dons Minimal Shapes for Mr Style Hong Kong

"Psychedelic–For the latest issue of Mr Style Hong Kong, Panda model Maciej Grubich appears in a striking editorial, captured by photographer Arcin Sagdic. Styled by Bodo Ernie (Nina Klein) in clean designs from the likes of Prada and Lanvin among the others, the Polish model provides static images, emphasizing a new and fashionable minimalism. / Grooming by Sofie Uehla." -

Luka Badnjar, Thomas Bukovatz, Benoni Loos & More in Berluti for Les Echos Série Limitée

"Berluti’s Gents–Models Antoine Miller, Benoni Loos, Jeremy Barrois, Luka Badnjar, Richard Bouwman and Thomas Bukovatz appear in the latest edition of Les Echos Série Limitée photographed by Matthew Brookes. Styled by Serge Girardi, the handsome lot are captured in looks from Parisian label Berluti." -

Daniel Sannwald Shoots an Animated Max Rendell for Arena Homme+ (Preview)

"More to Come–Revealing gifs capturing his latest work for Arena Homme+, photographer Daniel Sannwald shoots Max Rendell for the fall/winter 2012 edition of the magazine. Working with stylist Max Pearmain, Max is a lean vision with narrow boxy silhouettes highlighted. / Hair by Panos Papandrianos. Music by Mimi (Streeters)." -

Timur Postovoy & Sergei Burdak Deliver a Quiet Elegance for L’Officiel Hommes Ukraine

"The Fine Line–Photographed by Anton Kovalenko for the latest issue of L’Officiel Hommes Ukraine, L-Models Timur Postovoy and Sergei Burdak join Nadiia Shapoval for a clean studio story. Showcasing clean lines as pulled together by stylist Venya Brykalin, Timur and Sergei finds a common ground between classics and the new age. / Style assistance by Stas Arsen. Grooming by Slava Chaika and Linda Poluetkova. Retouching by Igor Primak." -

Iris Apfel Appears On The Today Show!

True fashion Icon and all-around style trendsetter, Iris Apfel, discusses releasing her very own accessories line along with appearing on the latest cover pages of Dazed & Confused magazine! Dig out one of my most favorite women in the world today sit next to The Today Show's Matt Lauer right below kiddas!

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10 Things We Learned From Grace Coddington’s Memoir

Fashionista's Cheryl Wischhover covers ALL the sneaky details we've been anticipating since we get closer to thee upcoming release date of Grace Coddington's memoir!
"We’ve been eagerly anticipating the release of Grace Coddington’s memoir ever since we caught her toting it around fashion week and learned that there’s a whole chapter dedicated to cats. Well, it’s finally here. Sort of. The offical release date is November 20, but Vogue has a sneak peek in its November issue, which is online now here. It’s only five pages long, but it totally whet our appetite for the rest of her story. In the meantime, here are 10 amazing things we learned about Grace and her life, from that time she found a condom on her pillow to her thoughts on being called ‘cod’ as a young model. • She used to carry her own bottle of wine in case a shoot went late into the evening. • She didn’t know what a condom was the first time she saw one–which was when her “first affair” took her away for the weekend and left one on her pillow. • Her first photo shoot with Norman Parkinson was of her running naked through the woods. She worried that her mother would see them. • Speaking of her mother, she used to cut out pictures of models that looked sort of like Grace, thinking they were her. When Grace corrected Mum, she’d just say, “Oh, well, it’s a nice photo and I like it anyway,” and “pop it back into [her] file.” • Her editorial rate when she first started out was £2 a day for magazines and newspapers, and her advertising rate was £5. • On her nickname (this requires Grace’s own words): I think it was the photographer John Cowan who nicknamed me “the Cod.” You know, Jean Shrimpton was known as “the Shrimp,” so therefore. . . . I thought it was quite charming at the time because usually only a model as iconic as Shrimpton was given a nickname, although I must say that “shrimp” sounds a lot better than “cod.” • Grace contends that she was doing Twiggy eyelashes (“twiglets”) long before Twiggy was. • When she first started modeling she wasn’t good at walking the runway, taking a coat off, and smiling all at the same time–no coordination. • She was always number nine on top 10 lists rather than close to the top because she was more “avant-garde and fashionable rather than pretty.” • Grace found out her fiance had been having an affair when he got a call about her untimely death in a car accident–while Grace was in bed with him. See, that’s only five pages! We can’t wait to read the rest."

New Nicki Minaj Single Feat. Cassie "Boys"

New Nicki Minaj Single Feat. Cassie "Boys".

Vera Wang Has a Pantry for ‘Orange Food’ and Almost Got Shot by Hillary Clinton’s Bodyguards

Fashion writer DHANI MAU shared the following story about Wedding dress designer Vera Wang...
"Every month, Harper’s Bazaar gives us a peek inside the day-to-day life of a big designer and for November, they’ve given us fashion mogul Vera Wang. One thing we’ve learned from this feature, in which designers recount an average day, from waking up, to going to sleep, is that fashion designers have some pretty…eccentric daily habits. Peter Dundas takes a jet to work every day, Karl Lagerfeld has two houses and Vera Wang has an entire pantry containing only orange food, practically lives in her van and once almost got shot by Hillary Clinton’s bodyguards. And that’s not all. Read on for Wang’s most interesting, uh, quirks: Sharon Stone helped her be okay with waking up at 8am: I’m not really a morning girl. Once I complained to Sharon Stone about it and she said, “I don’t think Picasso woke up at five in the morning to go farming,” so now I always say that. Her housekeeper sounds amazing: I have a housekeeper who I consider a mother figure. She brings me breakfast in bed, either yogurt and fresh fruit or eggs and chicken sausage. I’ve never liked Sunday since I was in school, so I always have people over [for dinner]. It’s usually Chinese, home-cooked by my housekeeper, and it’s the best Chinese food in New York. On her uniform: Getting dressed is a whole thing for me. My closet is organized by tops, pants, and outerwear, but not a lot of dresses. Gowns are in another room because I don’t often dress formally, even though I design gowns. Like most designers, I have a uniform, and mine is a legging. And if it’s not a legging, it’s a pant that’s like a legging. They could be from Balenciaga or Givenchy, or from Danskin or my Kohl’s line. Then I throw on a T-shirt. After that I’m a complete outerwear freak. I work very hard to look casual. It’s deliberate to look like you didn’t try too hard, as my old boss Ralph Lauren would say. I never carry a handbag, just my BlackBerry and eyewear. She drives around in a van that sounds like an apartment: It’s like a big signpost—here she be! I have two drivers, one for the first eight hours and another for the next eight. The van is my moving office. I have everything: a tiny pharmacy, a fridge, water, Swedish Fish, blankets and pillows, a sketchbook so I can draw. I always joke that if it had a toilet I could live in it. Everyone laughs and says it’s ugly, but I don’t care. I call it my jet, because I don’t have a private jet. She once accidentally mistook Hillary Clinton’s van for her own: Once, after a dinner for Hillary Clinton, there were two vans outside. I jumped in one, and three of the handsomest guys I ever saw drew guns. I said, “Oops, wrong van!” But that’s how Hillary rolls too. She describes her employees as crying children: I get to the office, and I run to the first fire that needs to be put out. It’s like having five kids: You run to the kid that is crying the loudest. She claims to have at one time in her life eaten pizza every day: At one point I was eating a slice of Ray’s pizza every day, and I never gained a pound on it. It’s not a bad thing if you squeeze out that excess oil. It’s so filling. Her kitchen is very…organized: There are two TVs. There’s an ice cream freezer, a soda fridge, and a healthy fridge. There’s the liquor thing, where the vodkas are kept ice-cold. We have a candy pantry, a cereal pantry, and a pantry for what I call “orange food”—Cheetos, Pepperidge Farm Goldfish, all kinds of chips. I’m a chip freak. I’ll find a way to sneak a chip in with a cocktail—yes, sirree! It’s so fabulous, orange food.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Ellie Goulding Appears On Ellen!

British import,Ellie Goulding appears on The Ellen Degeneres Show continuing her promotional rounds hot of the heels of her newly released sophomore album entitled, "Halycon."

Jacob Coupe & Josh Beech by Kevin Mackintosh

"Jacob Coupe and Josh Beech are photographed by Kevin Mackintosh and styled by Ekaterina Melnikova for the recent September 2012 issue of Russian GQ." - Homotography

Minimal Maximal by Horst Diekgerdes

"Models Arthur Gosse, Nick Heymann and Alexander Beck are photographed by Horst Diekgerdes and styled by Manuela Hainz in the story 'Minimal Maximal' for the Autumn/Winter 2012.13 issue of German GQ Style, with hair & makeup by Matt Mulhall." -

Study of Kaylan Morgan by Yu Tsai

"Red model Kaylan Morgan is photographed by Yu Tsai and styled by Robert Behar in the story 'Study of Kaylan' for Contributor, with grooming by Allan Avendaño and manicure by Christina Aviles." -

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