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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Itsnotyouitsme Report 102: Things to Know

Photobucket "Liv Tyler Returns to Music Video: Need something to wake you up this Monday morning? Tyler covered the INXS song “Need You Tonight” to promote Givenchy’s newest scent, Very Irrésistible Givenchy Electric Rose, and the accompanying video is pretty sexy. The track was produced by TV on the Radio’s David Andrew Sitek, and Tyler actually sounds kind of amazing." - - via

Photobucket "Olivia Palermo for Rochas: The fashion darling has been named the new face of the next Rochas fragrance. P&G Prestige vice president Bill Brace said Palermo’s “natural sense of style and classic elegance are a perfect fit with what Rochas stands for,” and the Parisian brand does indeed seem a good match for Palermo. The rest of the details about the new scent will be released to the press after Rochas’ runway show on the 29th." - - via

Photobucket "FDA Says Most Lipsticks Contain Lead: Just when you thought it was safe to add some pigment to your pout! The U.S. Food and Drug Administration conducted a study for the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics, and found that of 400 lipsticks they tested, the majority contained low levels of lead. L’Oreal’s “Color Sensational” Pink Petal lipstick had the most lead, containing 7.19 parts per million. Compare that with children’s products sold in the U.S., which are not allowed to have more that 100 parts per million. But don’t get too worried– the FDA says the levels are so miniscule, there’s really nothing to worry about." - - via

Photobucket "Orlando Bloom Says Wife Miranda Kerr Makes Being Beautiful “Look Easy”: He might not be spending Valentine’s day with his supermodel spouse, but Orlando Bloom had no shortage of nice words for his wife Miranda Kerr. The actor told the folks at Australia’s Kyle and Jackie O radio show that he is in awe of how quickly Kerr shed those post-baby pounds: “To have just had a baby and then got back up on to do that. I don’t think it’s easy for those girls. They make it look easy, but you know, it’s a lot of work to look good.”" - - via

Photobucket "At Least Two Underage Models Walked in Last Night’s Marc Jacobs Show: Marc Jacobs does what he wants, ya’ll. The designer and CFDA board member cast two underage models, Thairine Garcia and Ondria Hardin, for his Fall 2012 show. The CFDA has asked designers to refrain from using models under the age of 16, but that doesn’t seem to be a concern of Jacobs’: “I do the show the way I think it should be and not the way somebody tells me it should be … If [the models'] parents are willing to let them do a show, I don’t see any reason that it should be me who tells them that they can’t.”" - - via

Photobucket "Fashion Photographer Lillian Bassman Dies: At the age of 94, photographer Lillian Bassman passed away from natural causes at her home in Manhattan. Bassman has been working in fashion since the 1940s, and has had a 40-year career in the industry (she took a break from photography in the seventies and eighties.) She lived a full life and will be sorely missed and always remembered for her amazing work." - - via

Photobucket "Lara Stone Hates London Traffic: Lara Stone just got her license, but instead of ripping down the streets of London, she’s stuck crawling behind double-decker buses: “It’s hard not to get road rage in London because of those buses, they’re so big and red. They know they can cut you off and drive right into you because you’ll stop!” How does she keep calm? “I always like to sing along to some depressing, angry Morrissey.” What could be more relaxing than depressing, angry music?" - - via

Photobucket "Butterflies Escape At Edun’s Afterparty: Live Monarch Butterflies broke free from their cages at Edun’s afterparty, to mingle and sip cocktails with guests. The New York Post reports that the butterflies were flying around the room and landing on partygoers. Event organizers frantically tried to collect the winged escapees, and put them back in their cages." - - via

Photobucket "New Designers Struggle to Get Notice at NYFW: Not all designers can get Anna Wintour (or even George Lucas) in the front row. Take a look into the world of the new and talented designers who can’t yet afford a runway at Lincoln Center, or a professional makeup artist for that matter." - - via

Photobucket "Crouching Anna Dello Russo, Hidden Seating at Diesel: So much for being ‘fashionably late’! ADR showed up so late to the Diesel Black Gold show yesterday that her front row seat had already been snatched and she was forced to crouch on the ground. Hope she wore comfortable shoes…" - - via

Photobucket "Oscar de la Renta Letting Public Inspire Next Collection: Could ODLR have designer’s block? For the next three months, the classic designer is encouraging the public to upload images to a digital “mood board” that will inspire his upcoming resort collection. Alright people, start uploading your cutest kitten images right meow." - - via

Photobucket "Terry Richardson x Lindsay Lohan for Love: We can never get enough of these skeevy LiLo photo shoots. In this one, she barely escapes catching her hair on fire, walks into a pool wearing in heels, and shows us that she’s finally bought some (albeit very tiny) underpants." - - via

Photobucket "Prabal Gurung Wears Commes des Garcons, Will Do Menswear: Prabal revealed that he never ever goes shopping, but when he does, it’s at Commes des Garcons – where he bought his favorite (and constantly worn) baseball jacket. He’s also planning a menswear line and though he doesn’t know when it will launch yet, we’ll bet when it does he’ll probably wear that too." - - via

Photobucket "Celebs Dress Up for the Front Row: Check out what all of your favs, including Leighton Meester and Olivia Palermo, were wearing in their front row seats at New York Fashion Week." - - via

Photobucket Awe Moment Of The Day! - via

Photobucket Betty White Is Definitely No 'Holla Back Girl.' - via

Photobucket Amanda Seyfried Looks Simply Heavenly As The Latest Cover Girl For W Korea! - via

Photobucket What does...16 shots of espresso, a shot of soy milk, caramel flavoring, banana puree, strawberry puree, vanilla beans, Matcha powder, protein powder, and a drizzle of caramel and mocha get you??? - via

Photobucket "Lady Gaga’s Perfume Release Is Imminent: We all laughed when Janis Ian said “You smell like a baby prostitute” in Mean Girls, but Lady Gaga is dead serious about her new perfume, which she says has tones of an “expensive hooker.” The fragrance is set to release later this year, and the pop singer is shooting the TV spot for it this weekend." - - via

Photobucket "Ruffian and MAC Releasing a Product That Will ‘Revolutionize’ the Industry: Ruffian designers Brian Wolk and Claude Morais revealed at last night’s M.A.C Viva Glam launch event, that they plan to re-release their lipstick, Ruffian Red, and that they are working on a new product for the cosmetics brand. Though they were not at liberty to discuss this mystery product they said, “It’s a new category for M.A.C. It’s revolutionary. It’s going to revolutionize the makeup industry.”" - - via

Photobucket "Nicki Minaj is Making A Movie: Yup. At last night’s M.A.C Viva Glam launch party, the rapper revealed that her weirdo Grammy performance was just a sneak peek of the madness to come: “You know how people write plays and movies? That’s what I did. I wrote that and I gave the world a tiny little preview of what was to come. And so I have to perform it on the set in which it would be in the movie, right?” This should be interesting, but no movie penned by a hip-hop artist will be better than R.Kelly’s Trapped in the Closet. The bar has been set, Ms. Minaj." - - via

Photobucket "Parsons Students Compete in International Fashion Showcase at London Fashion Week: The first ever International Fashion Showcase is happening now at London Fashion Week, with young designers from 19 different countries competing against each other for the Emerging Talent Award. Representing the US is a group of MFA students from Parsons, showing a collection titled “Lost Time is Never Found Again.”" - - via

Photobucket "Carine Roitfeld Working with V on New Project? We’ve been anxious to hear about Carine’s latest project following her departure from French Vogue, and now WWD is speculating that her new magazine may be in collaboration with V Magazine. Though Carine herself has yet to comment, she’s already guest-edited an issue of the fashion mag and has reportedly been seen around the V office a lot lately…" - - via

Photobucket "Christy Turlington Covers The Gentlewoman: More proof that supermodels are superhuman– check out the absolutely ageless Christy Turlington on the latest cover of The Gentlewoman, with the simple (yet totally fitting) heading, “Oh Wow!” which was exactly our thought when we saw this cover." - - via

Photobucket "Mary Quant’s Pants Gave Her Orgasms: Miniskirt inventor and ’60s super designer Mary Quant has a very candid talk with the Telegraph, saying, among other things, that she had never seen a fat person until she came to the US (gee, thanks!), Coco Chanel didn’t like her very much, and that her pants were so tight back in the day that they made her orgasm. Hey Mary, who made those pants, exactly??" - - via

Photobucket So You Say... - via

Our Favorite Models Just Wanna Make Love To You

Its hearts all around in Happy Valentine's by Justin Wu featuring the likes of Andrej Pejic, Francisco Lachowski, Peter Bruder, Philip Milojevic, Arthur Sales, Jordan Stenmark, Julia Frauche, Zac Stenmark, Jessiann Gravel, Manuela Lazic, Jacquelyn Jablonski, Adrien Volkova and more in this cute and sexy Valentines Day themed short film set to the legendary Etta James' "I Just Want To Make Love To You" directed by the talented Justin Wu for V Magazine.

Catch all the sexiness below.


Have A Very Merry Birthday Miss Regina Spektor!!!

A true innovator in musique. From songs based on scenarios and characters drawn from her imagination, Regina Spektor's tunes show influences from folk,punk, rock, Russian, pop, jazz, and classical music. Spektor has been quoted saying that, "she works hard to ensure that each of her songs has its own musical style, rather than trying to develop a distinctive style for her music as a whole." Along with broad vocal range and lyrics equally eclectic, her tunes often take the form of abstract narratives or first-person character studies, similar to short stories put to song.

Regina Ilyinichna Spektor was born February 18, 1980. She's a Soviet-born New York raised singer-songwriter and pianist. I first saw Spektor's first nationwide tour accompanying The Strokes as the opening act on their 2003–2004 'Room on Fire tour'. Ever since that night, I've seen Regina on a total of 8 different occasions. I adore her and her originality and her passion for constantly marching to the beat of her own drum. She is one of my all-time favorite singer-songwriter-pianist and today kiddas, lets take a moment to reflect and listen to all that's good in musique.

Friday, February 17, 2012

"My New Friend Boy" By Karl Lagerfeld Featuring Alice Dellal

Karl Lagerfeld presents a silent mini-film, starring campaign face Alice Dellal to promote the new Chanel Boy bag. It's a modern day feature by a designer almost old enough to remember the silent era. ;)

Greg Nawrat by Milan Vukmirovic & Platonov Pavel in Fashion for Men

Mil­i­tary Can­dor–Cur­rent Gucci cam­paign star, Greg Nawrat appears in the debut issue of Milan Vukmirovic’s Fash­ion for Men. Pho­tographed by Vuk­mirovic as well as Platonov Pavel, the Ford Europe model is dash­ing in mil­i­taris­tic gar­ments from the likes of Bal­main, styled by Scar­lett Viquel. Courtesy of -

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