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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Itsnotyouitsme Report 64: Things to Know

Photobucket "Oprah Winfrey has revealed the real reason why she’s ending her daytime talk show after 25 years on the air. In an editorial published in her ‘O’ magazine this month, Oprah revealed that". - via

Photobucket Someone Please Tell This So-Called "Father" To Just Stop It Already! - via

Photobucket It's A Picture-Perfect Penelope! Just Another Day In The Life Of A Real Celebrity. - via

Photobucket Sixteen Celebrity Look A-Likes. - via

Photobucket Oldest Living Panda Passes Away... - via

Photobucket "Gay sex just doesn't do it for me. I tried it one time when I was younger, but I just didn't dig it." - So Says Mister Steven Tyler. - via

Photobucket Silly Looking Pups In Silly Looking Slippers! - via

Photobucket Forty Years After The Release Of Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory. - via

Photobucket "Tilda Swinton For Pringle of Scotland: The actress continues her 3-season run with the Scottish brand for their Autumn/Winter 2011 campaign, shot by Walter Pfeiffer. This time she’s sporting a bleached bowl cut reminiscent of the Vidal Sassoon five-point that would probably look terrible on the average person but works phenomenally with Swinton’s angular features. I’m pretty sure she can do no wrong and continue to be dumfounded by how amazing she looks without ever using eye makeup." - via

Photobucket "Yohji Yamamoto Reflects on Life and Ideals: Adidas produced a 30 minute documentary, “Yohji Yamamoto: This Is My Dream,” as a semi-promotional tool but probably wasn’t expecting it to be quite so, well, good. The doc chronicles the month leading up to the Y-3 show at New York Fashion Week and the designer is surprisingly open about his personal life and creative processes, commenting on his desire to simply “cut clothes” and remain outside of the vicious trend cycle." - via

Photobucket "Not Following In Her Mom’s Footsteps: Bee Shaffer, Anna Wintour’s 23-year-old daughter, is headed to LA to work for Glee creator Ryan Murphy’s production company." - via

Photobucket "Ivanka Trump Is a Preggers Playboy Bunny for Bazaar: So, Harper’s Bazaar got Ivanka Trump to dress like a Playboy bunny whilst pregnant and then photographed her. As Chris Rovzar said over on Daily Intel, “What the hell?” - via

Photobucket "Tabitha Simmons on How She’d Style her Own Shoes: Tabitha Simmons dishes to Tory Burch on the best ways to wear her own awesome line of shoes." - via

Photobucket "Kim Catrall Isn’t the Biggest Supporter of SATC3 or the Rumored Prequel: Despite Sarah Jessica Parker’s insistence that there is “one more story to tell”, Catrall isn’t really that convinced and refreshingly admits that the sequels are nothing but an excuse to make money. Best line: “We can’t play twenty-year-olds anymore". Amen, Samantha." - via

Photobucket "IMG Raises Fashion Week Costs: The rental fees for the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week tents and stages will rise 8%, making the most expensive space $54,000 to rent. With the costs of new electronic registration and seating systems, the show ain’t what it used to be." - via

Photobucket "Abercrombie Comes to the Champs Elysees: They flew in 101 of their favorite male models from all global stores to celebrate the opening. This is how the world ends." - via

Photobucket "Woody Allen + Dior?: Woody Allen’s new film Midnight in Paris is full of high-end French luxury brands, like Goyard and…Christian Dior? One can only assume that the goods were given to the film before the Galliano scandal, or that Allen can easily dissociate the designer from the brand, which should make Dior very happy." - via

Photobucket "Go Check Out the Gorgeous Cannes Amfar Gala Pictures: Highlights include Anja Rubik in feathery blue Pucci, Courtney Love hanging on Karl Lagerfeld, and lots of perfect lipstick." - via

Photobucket Looks At Those Dancing Dogs Break Into A Line Dance! - via

KENZO – ANTONIO MARRAS by Sabrina Theissen

INDIE (#30) — SPRING 2011
photographer: Sabrina Theissen
stylist: Francesco Cominelli
MODEL(S): Alex Treutel; Douglas Neitzke; Peter Bruder
Courtesy of -

Friday, May 20, 2011

Eliza Doolittle is BuzzWorthy...But You Knew That Already.

Eliza Doolittle plays doctor for this cute MTV Buzzworty segment where she talks about life and why she wished she would of listened more closely when she was a student.

Eliza you are a doctor of the soul with your witty lyrics and charm. Keep the music going cause little do you know you are the prescription keeping us alive and well!

Dig the segment below.

Daisuke Ueda & Shuntaro Yanagi by Nobuyoshi Araki for V

The Trio–Daisuke Ueda and Shuntaro Yanagi are joined by Kiko Mizuhara in the Asia-dedicated issue of V photographed by Nobuyoshi Araki. Brought together for a nonchalant outing, the trio lounge with print-driven styling by Shun Watanabe. Courtesy of

Way Up High by Thomas Giddings

Sebastian Sauve, William Potter and Philipp Bierbaum star in the editorial ‘Way Up High’ in OUT magazine’s June/July 2011 issue. The outdoors story is photographed by Thomas Giddings and styled by Grant Woolhead with Gary Card designing the kites. Courtesy of Homotography

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