Monday, September 6, 2010

Dennis Ferrer

Dennis Ferrer is a NY DJ and producer. He's a long-time remixer of soulful house music production! This tune right here kiddas, is probably the best thing to come out of House Musique in a long, and I mean very long time. I quickly couldn't resist the temptation of tapping my toes and engaging in this equally thought-provoking video. Dig it Kiddas!

Mark Cox & Jaco Van Den Hoven by Aline & Jacqueline Tappia for Elle Italia

Mark Cox, Jaco Van Den Hoven and Margaryta Senchylo make up the wedding party in Aline & Jacqueline Tappia’s recent work for Elle Italia. Outfitted by Micaela Sessa, the trio make quite the statement in La Prova Del Sì. -Fashionisto

Will Collins by Gavin Rea in Dirt Skinny

On location in Sydney, Australia, Gavin Rea photographs Chic model Will Collins. Outfitted by Nat Lee in affordable garments that include Topman and Uniqlo, Will fits the mode of Dirt Skinny without issue. -Fashionisto

Modern Family: Season 2 Promo!!!

Scope out the new Season 2 Promo for Modern Family kiddas! We already know that they won Best Comedy at the 2010 Emmy Awards and the cast shared a few words with the fans..."We’re still reeling from the overwhelming fan support from our Emmy win,” To thank you, here’s your first look at new season footage. We’ll be back in less than 3 weeks…"

He Spy's With His Little Eyes

Who wants to know what happened next?! I do! Seems like we'll have to wait and see I guess. To be continued...

Uh-Oh!!! This Doesn't Sound Good At All Kiddas! Not One Bit

So the word in the world of fashion is that Betsey Johnson is penny-less, and she owes tons of money to multiple investors. "So Steve Madden–who already owns the license to sell handbags under Johnson’s name–has taken over a $48.8 million loan to Johnson’s firm. That means if she cannot pay him back by Aug. 20, 2012, Madden will own the Betsey Johnson brand.

This isn’t Madden’s first attempt to gain traction in the designer sector. He also produces shoes for Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen’s contemporary brand Elizabeth and James. But this would be his first big acquisition in the upper-end apparel market.

Is this a good thing for Johnson? Well, she already gave up a controlling stake in the company to a private equity firm in 2007, so this arrangement might not be that much different. However, if Johnson, who is 68, wants to keep the company in the family–her daughter Lulu is the creative director–she might want to attempt to pay that loan back–and fast."

Real Talk With Jerry Lewis

Legendary comedian and actor Mr.Jerry Lewis has much to say about the "Celebrity Children" run a muck. He sat down with american TV show Inside Edition and had this to say:

“I would smack her in the mouth if I saw her…I would say, ‘You deserve this and nothing else – whack!’ And then if she’s not satisfied, I’d put her over my knee and spank her. The same thing with Paris Hilton – those children are begging for help. What they’re doing is saying…‘Can you please help me?’ When people who have celebrity give nothing in return, they need a spanking and a reprimand.”

Watch the Video here

Video: Kirsty Hume as Betty Sue in Agent Provocateur

Dig the new Haute lingerie short film accompanying Agent Provocateur’s fall campaign.

Clément Chabernaud by David Roemer for GQ Style Russia

Riding a recent wave of work, Clément Chabernaud gets dirty for the pages of GQ Style Russia. Appearing in the magazine’s fall edition, the French model is photographed by David Roemer (Atelier) in quite the urban story. Taking pieces from Prada, Lanvin and other labels, stylist Igor Garanin reinterprets luxe staples in a gritty environment. -Fashionisto

Portrait | Hudson Taylor by Richard Pier Petit

New York model Hudson Taylor channels his inner sailor in a brief series photographed by the one and only Richard Pier Petit. -Fashionsito

Ben Hill & Diego C. by Blair Getz Mezibov for GQ China September 2010

Ben Hill maintains a watchful eye for the other man in his latest editorial with Darla Baker and Wilhelmina’s Diego C. Photographed by Blair Getz Mezibov for the September 2010 edition of GQ China, the trio play with danger in Kentucky Miracle. -Fashionisto

Juan Martín Arguedas by Gabriel Rocca in Hallo Spaceboy Remix

Civiles model Juan Martín Arguedas gets a space age makeover in his most recent work for Remix magazine photographed by Gabriel Rocca. Styled by Andrés Pastor and Gabriel Moncayo, a scantily clad Juan dons garments and accessories from FXSM. -Fashionisto

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Kylie Minogue - Get Outta My way (Official music video)

Kylie Minogue truly lights up my soul looking like a golden goddess in her new musique video for her 2nd single "Get Outta My Way" off the recently released record, "Aphrodite".

Thee Australian Dance Queen strutted in a set of incomparable couture corsets designed by Gaultier Paris while parring them with exquisite Christian Louboutin heels.

Kylie tweeted about the lighting in the video, saying..."You need to know that all the incredible lighting happens in REAL TIME, not in post production. Live projections by Frieder Weiss!!!!"

And that my friends is the truth! Post-production can edit and fix certain aspects, but it's really all about right timing and capturing through ones lens, a moment in time or in this case, an action taking place that can't be substituted. And Kylie delivers all the right moves, at all the right times!

Kylie Minogue - Get Outta My way (Official music video) from Lucas Pierozan on Vimeo.

And So The Story Goes...

This woman is truly a spectacle! A hilarious spectacle that is. Oh thank goodness for quirky REAL LIFE individuals that remind me that not everything in life is fake and scripted or exaggerated just for the cameras. Something tells me this woman is recounting her story and telling it like it is to her neighbors and local store owners!

Basically what happened was, this woman was getting coffee on a wednesday night, when two armed men entered a Shell gas station on Bannister Rd. in Kansas City and demanded money, when all of a sudden...BAM! It happened! What you ask? Allow this darling woman to fill you in (as told to KMBC-TV).

What would we do without the eccentric? Here at we celebrate Ms. Eccentric Aunt Cathy! She is who she is ON PURPOSE ;)

Itsnotyouitsme Report 31: Things to Know

Photobucket Lion Cubs and Handbags Are Inappropriate Cover-Ups in Venice: Julianne Moore’s campaign for Bulgari, in which the actress reclines naked covered only by lion cubs and a large Bulgari handbag, has been banned in Venice. “An advertisement showing a nude woman on a divan is not appropriate for St Mark’s Square,” Venice’s mayor Giorgio Orsoni told the Italian press. - via

Photobucket Lohan’s First Post-Prison Cover: Lindsay Lohan graces the cover of Vanity Fair, giving the mag her first in depth post-jail interview. The shoot was Grace Kelley-inspired, and truth be told, she looks just grand! - via

Photobucket Anna Does Late Night: Anna Wintour and Marc Jacobs were on Jimmy Fallon last night to talk about Fashion’s Night Out. When the conversation steered away from FNO, Wintour promptly brought FNO back to the forefront. Other highlights? Wintour complaining about Gaga performing late at the last Met Gala because she was too busy “communing with god,” and Marc Jacobs flubbing his words a bit on why he’s in a sling in Vogue’s September issue promoting FNO: “But, unfortunately, or fortunately, one can’t say no to Anna.” So he got off his morphine drip and posed. - via

Photobucket London’s Fashion’s Night Out: Lucky Londoners, your T-shirts are cooler than ours and your FNO will be over before ours begins! Let us know how it goes. Here’s what’s happening on the other side of the pond. - via

Photobucket Lady Gaga, Film Director: “Left Eye” is a 40-second short film directed by Lady Gaga and Nick Knight. - via

Photobucket Kitten Gamer Prodigy: Hey,he only sucks because his owner needs a better system. - via

Photobucket The Styling Game: Looking to brush up on your styling skills? In addition to reading our contributor Sally Lyndley’s column, you might try InStyle’s new fashion game “Instant Stylist.” You’re given a look styled by an In Style editor and your challenge is to add the right accessories. - via

Photobucket Lourdes Hits the Big Screen: You can officially add actress to Madonna’s 13-year-old daughter’s growing list of professions. She was spotted in a school uniform on the set of W.E., Madonna’s second directorial gig. - via

Photobucket Calvin’s Scandalous BF: We’re not sure if this interests any of you at all, but apparently Calvin Klein has a 20-year old boyfriend who happens to have starred in some gay porn - via

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