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Saturday, August 21, 2010

P!nk! Fun House Tour Version

Pink has released to the internet's another one of her fun tour videos but this time for her song "Funhouse".

You got to love Pink in this radically fun Circus Freaks themed tour video. You got to give it up to Pink for going the extra mile by creating new content for her fans such as her previous tour video for "Please Don't Leave Me".

Rory Torrens, Luke Stevens & Trevor Himes by Thomas Hoeffgen in Y-3 for Visual Tales

"Rory TorrensLuke Stevens and Trevor Himes get beat up and bloodied for their latest editorial photographed by Thomas Hoeffgen. Shot for the summer edition of Visual Tales, the brave trio hit the streets in a wardrobe from Y-3 styled by the invaluable John Tan." -Fashionisto

Noma Han by Christopher Starbody for VNFOLD

 "Christopher Starbody photographs Red’s breakout star Noma Han for a VNFOLD story entitled Last Day Parade. Styled by Rich Aybar, Noma’s quirks are matched with a colorful offering that boasts a bold array of garments that include Dries Van Noten, Acne and Giorgio Armani." -Fashionsto


Itsnotyouitsme Report 29: Things to Know

Photobucket Chrissie Hynde is Still the Coolest: She’s currently collaborating with her ex-boyfriend, who is half her age, on both an album and a fashion collection. We wish we could handle something like that. - via
Photobucket American photographer Eve Arnold is giving the world an intimate look at blonde bombshell Marilyn Monroe. A batch of sixteen new images. Five of which were taken in 1955, the rest in 1960's. - via
Photobucket When editors previewed McQueen’s final collection in Paris, one gown, specially made for Annabelle Neilson, was left out. T thinks this may have been the last creation the designer touched. - via
Photobucket David Chang makes an appearance in an editorial in September Vogue. He looks bored. Or angry. Maybe both. Can’t tell - via
Photobucket Hindu Julia Roberts: I'm Done Talking About Religion."I've realized something my mother told me 22 years ago," she said. "You're an actor, act. Don't talk about politics or religion." - via
Photobucket It's devious, delightful and deliciously dirty. In a bizarre display of cunning, top-name fashion houses are sending free designer bags to Jersey Shore’s Snooki. But here’s the catch– they’re sending her the bags of competing designers. Why? Well, you try carrying around a Gucci purse after it’s become Snooki’s signature item and tell us how many compliments you get. BTW KIDDAS. IF YOU'VE NOTED, THIS OUR FIRST AND PERHAPS LAST MENTION OF ANY JERSEY SHORE RELAYED NEWS. - via
Photobucket StyleCaster debuts its high-texture, floral-centric editorial shoot, photographed by Frances Tulk-Hart. We’re dreaming of layers now…and just in time for a bit of a cold front. - via
Photobucket Dolce Dispute: Dolce & Gabbana and Selfridges have come to an allegedly mutual agreement to stop their partnership, come next spring. While neither party has pointed fingers, we can’t help but look on this with the same skepticism we have when couples “mutually” split–c’mon, guys. One way or another, somebody’s getting dumped. - via
Photobucket StyleCaster debuts its high-texture, floral-centric editorial shoot, photographed by Frances Tulk-Hart. We’re dreaming of layers now…and just in time for a bit of a cold front. - via
Photobucket StyleCaster debuts its high-texture, floral-centric editorial shoot, photographed by Frances Tulk-Hart. We’re dreaming of layers now…and just in time for a bit of a cold front. - via
Photobucket Vogue Paris all important September cover revealed! It’s Marion Cotillard looking très dramatique. - via
Photobucket Hair, There, Everywhere: The blondes vs. brunettes battle continues, this time in Paris with an exhibit at the Cinémathèque Française in October. Exploring the cultural preconceptions of hair color and style, the exhibit features essays, films, and interviews all about the color debate. - via

How Much Did the Target Kaleidoscopic Fashion Show Cost? Come Again!?

By: Leah Chernikoff

Alright kiddas, so we all know that Target is a death trap for anyone trying to save some kind of money. But after last night's Fashion show extravaganza, I don't feel to bad after spending 70 dollars on this week's Target trip. Apparently this super-duper one of a kind show "took over the southern façade of the Standard as well as the surrounding blocks to put on what they called “The Target Kaleidoscopic Fashion Spectacular.” And spectacular it was."

In a dazzling and dizzying display of music, lights, dance, fashion, and, above all, wealth, Target put on a 20 minute show perfectly suited to the ADD-generation. A meticulously choreographed dance routine synchronized to a light show played out across 155 rooms, set to an original score recorded with a 30-piece orchestra and 10-member chorus. If that wasn’t enough, models in Target collections (no William Rast) walked on scaffolding in front of the hotel at the same time. All this amidst protests over Target’s controversial $150K donation to business advocacy group MN Forward who supports Tom Emmer, a Republican candidate for Minnesota governor who is outspoken against gay marriage. (Protesters were on hand holding signs that read “Bigot” using Target’s bulls eye logo as the “o”).

My first thought as I took in the spectacle of Target’s “spectacular”: “Does this mean the recession is over?”

The production was massive. The entire side of the Standard was transformed into a flashing disco floor with dancers in each square. At one point dancers contorted to form branches and leaves of a tree that stretched through floors, the windows lit up green around them. Later, curtains were drawn and back lit to set the scene for a burlesque-style tease that only revealed dancers from the waist down. On and on it went. It was an amazing show.

More impressive was the cost of it all. One source estimates the cost of the event at around a million, easy. So we roughly broke down the cost of last night’s Target fall fashion spectacular (minus the private party at the Standard’s biergarten):

- 155 Standard Queen rooms at $295 (their cheapest rates) = $45,725
- 66 professional dancers at around $2000 a dancer (this rough estimate from MSA Talent Agency who reps 20 of the dancers who performed in the show). Dancers rehearsed on a 20,000 square foot sound stage for nine days prior to the show. = $132,000
- 20 models at around $1000 each = $20,000
- Scaffolding structure that held the runway show: $35,000 plus $10,000 for lighting
- Shutting down Little West 12th Street plus security: $100,000
- Celebrity service for Mary-Louise Parker and Penn Badgley at $1000 each for car service, $50,000 each for a 45 minute appearance = $102,000
- 156 LED lights at around $20 each = $3120
- Programming, equipment and labor for lighting = $50,000
- Original score = $35,000
- An estimated four days of recording at $3000 per day with a 30 piece orchestra and 10 member choir = $12,000
- 30 musicians at around $1800 each = $54,000
- Bleachers for viewing = $15,000
- Red carpet (step and repeat plus lighting) = $10,000

TOTAL = over $620,000

Of Montreal Return With Coquet Coquette

Of Montreal are back with their new single Coquet Coquette from their upcoming album False Priest. Watch the below video for fur, blood, hair, and some anal sex - Of Montreal style.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Oleg Antosik by Karl Lagerfeld for Dior Homme Fall 2010 Campaign

"Getting his big break, Oleg Antosik stars in Dior Homme’s fall 2010 campaign. Landing his second campaign of the season and following in the footsteps of Juan Manuel Arancibia, Oleg was photographed by Karl Lagerfeld for Dior Homme’s somber fall outing. " -Fashionisto

Morning Fix | Michael Whittaker, Louis de Castro & Federico Mosquera by Alexandra Catiere

"Alexandra Catiere photographs Michael Whittaker, Louis de Castro and Federico Mosquera for the spring/summer issue of Crashmagazine." -Fashionisto

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