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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Itsnotyouitsme Report 26: Things to Know

PhotobucketJohn Hughes To Be Honored By Traverse City Film Festival - via

PhotobucketLady Gaga takes in a game of chicken fight with her boyfriend Luc Carl and friends while at a hotel pool in Texas 7/26/10 - via

PhotobucketThe Evolution of Joseph Gordon-Levitt - via

PhotobucketSofia for Dior, part deux! Sofia Coppola was spotted in Paris last week filming Natalie Portman and Robert Schwartzman (Apparently Jason has a cute younger brother) for an upcoming Dior campaign. We were obsessed with the last one she directed and this one sounds like it might be even more amazing. - via

PhotobucketNBC Discusses Steve Carell's 'The Office' Exit - via

PhotobucketWhy Wyclef Jean Can't Sing For The Rest Of His Life??? The Real Story Behind Running For The Haitian Presidency - via

PhotobucketMoving On: Is Lorenzo Martone rebounding with Lance Bass? Sorry Lance, but we’re going to have to call that a step down. - via

PhotobucketKate’s Cleaning House: Back in May, a burglary of Kate Moss’ London home was followed almost immediately by a sewerage flood. Perhaps these issues have lead her to believe that “evil spirits” are haunting her, prompting her to hire a medium to “cleanse” the house - via

PhotobucketThe innovative rapper known as Kanye West performed four songs a cappella from his upcoming fifth album at Facebook’s corporate headquarters in Palo Alto, Calif. - via

PhotobucketSandra Bullock Wants to Be Removed From Gulf Video - via

PhotobucketEmily Blunt Wears Lace, Talks Food Coma & Airbrushing. - via

PhotobucketThe Naked Truth: Apparently, French Playboy published some pictures, many of them nude, of Lara Stone without her consent. She issued a statement saying “It’s not the kind of publication I would ever choose to appear in.” While French Playboy is probably more similar to French Vogue than American Playboy (Lou Doillon has appeared nude on the cover, willingly), there is something wrong with the magazine publishing the photos without Stone’s knowledge or permission. Her lawyers have begun proceedings against the magazine and photographer Greg Lotus. - via

Kara and Ellen Out, Steven Tyler & JLo In

The new voices of judgement at American Idol for thee upcoming 11th Season.

It's going to be a big bet for both artist to see if joining one of the largest if not biggest tv phenomenons in history will help revive their struggling careers due to lack of American public care. Both artist still have IT but well America care? We here do!

Lady Gaga on the cover of September's Vanity Fair (UK Edition)

Lady Gaga's Cover For Next Month's Issue of Vanity Fair has been revealed.


Off the current newly released album entitled, 'The Remix'. I can't help myself, Opposed to the typical! But truly, I can't pull myself away from this remix of The Fame.

Friday, July 30, 2010

The Drums

Tune: Forever & Ever Amen

Here's The Drums with their musique video for their latest single "Forever & Ever Amen"!

Fancy Or Not

In the past, fashionista weren't big fans of high-end brand shades. But according to Lauren (Editor), "that was before wayfarers suddenly looked fresh again. And Linda Farrow began reissuing vintage classics, as well as teaming up with new, exciting designers like The Row and Alexander Wang. And before I really learned to appreciate Persols. And Supers. And oh, long before Karen Walker.

These days Lauren has so much to rave about when it comes to sunglasses. She's saying, "I’m pretty much a sunglasses whore. I love them. I match them to my outfits. I don’t own as many pairs as I’d like to, and right now I really, really need a pair of big, black cat eyes.

But after my most recent purchase–more than I’ve ever spent on sunnies–I’m feeling a bit anxious. The glasses–as stylish, chic, and lovely as they are–offer no protection. Well, at least they don’t feel like they do. I walk outside and I need to squint behind my sunglasses. I walk inside and I have no need to take them off–I can see perfectly.

This is where my practical side comes in. Why, if these are 50 times more expensive than the pair I bought H&M, do my cheapo sunnies feel like they’re working harder?

Because they might be. It all comes down to UV protection. MY H&M pair is labeled “100% UV protection.” The pricier style? There’s no record of UV on the glasses or on the case.

So be warned. Those sunnies may be aesthetically ideal, but they’re quite possibly useless. Me? I’m wearing my adorable-but-dangerous pair on gray days only."

How do we feel about this theory, Kiddas? Fancy doesn't always cut it I presume. Well i've had fun with my MID-PRICED shades while speniding time in Laguna Beach California with my dear ones.

Golden Gate Style

Landscapes & beautiful views set the tone along with handsome threads in the photo above! A scene that has been used in films such as Hitchcock's "Vertigo" and "The Thomas Crown Affair"...the Golden Gate Bridge serves as a perfect backdrop as San Francisco's iconic film location.

The male model is strutting a 3 piece dark suit, minus the jacket. While the female model rocks a minidress with a cape and a large hat.

Vertigo Trailer.

Thomas Crown Affair Trailer.

Adrien Brunier, Louis Prades, Alexandre Gaillot & Laurent Albucher by Yannick Leconte for Guapo Magazine

"Adrien Brunier, Louis Prades, Alexandre Gaillot and Laurent Albucher get dirty for the third issue of Guapo. Photographed by Yannick Leconte and styled by Philippe Uter, the group are given a chic militaristic makeover with garments from Kenzo, Yves Saint Laurent, John Galliano and others. Following a parade of stellar editorials, this and more is now available via the online edition offered through Other Edition." -Fashionisto

Courtesy Of: TheContributingEditor

Photographed by Ben Watts at ArtMix
Hair: Zaiya Latt at Bryan Bantry
Capture by Milk Digital
Retouching: Primary Photographic
Model: Anna Devalio at IMG

Portrait | Oliver by William D Walsh

"A new face at Ford San Francisco, Oliver takes a leap of faith in a series of portraits taken by William D. Walsh with styling by Jonathan Weir and Louie-Michael Gabriel." -Fashionisto

Danny Hoggins & Wael Sersoub by Kira Bunse in It’s the Aristocats

"In the midst of Paris Fashion Week, Major Paris’ models Danny Hoggins and Wael Sersoub got together for a fun night out on the town. Followed in close pursuit by photographer Kira Bunse, the mischevious duo made quite the stir in fall fashions styled by John Tan for Visual Tales. Bringing together select pieces at large from Smalto, Lanvin, Prince Peter and Cerruti, frivolous rebellion and modern luxury met in a memorable outing." -Fashionisto

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