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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Talk Of The Day: It's Johhny!

“The whole ride, my whole ride and experience on the ride...since day one has been pretty surreal in this business. It defies logic, why I’m still here.

I’m still completely shocked that I still get jobs and still am around… I’ve been very lucky. I had no idea where anything was going, but you can’t. It’s almost impossible to predict anything like that. I had no idea. I had hoped… But I’m luckily still here.”

- Johnny Depp continues to prove he’s easy to adore as an actor because he’s quite the humble mate.

Shame Shame Shame On You!

"This morning, Gucci Group told WWD that a private funeral, for family member’s only, will be held in London today in honor of Alexander McQueen.

As for a public memorial, that will happen later on this year, since they’re busy focusing on the Paris show– a statement that’s absurd, disrespectful and disturbing.

A memorial should come before the bottom line and the profit-related concerns. Perhaps someone should stop and consider that holding off for a season or two might bode better for the brand’s success in the long run.

Meanwhile, in happier McQueen related news, Daphne Guinness will put her collection on display at FIT next September. She and Valerie Steele will curate the exhibition and focus on Daphne’s personal style. Plenty of Comme des Garcons, Balenciaga and Alaia will be included with her McQueen pieces."

Headline says it all kiddas!

Well Daaaaang!

MEP & EU leader Nigel Farage, delivered last Wednesday, another major tirade against EU President Herman van Rompuy and, along the way, severely insulted Belgium and Greece during a debate in the European Parliament.

You kiddas must watch to see what unfolds!

When I Grow Up...I Want To Be

Kanye West launched a new blog yesterday, and one of several posts featured model/girlfriend Amber Rose recreating Grace Jones' iconic pose.

You're So Vain

"Who is Carly Simon singing about?" The Sun says that "You're So Vain" is directed towards entertainment executive David Geffen.

Since the song came out in the 70s, folks have always speculated who Carly wrote the song for. Guesses ranged from Warren Beatty to Mick Jagger to Cat Stevens. In a remade version of the song on Carly's newest album, apparently if you pay close attention, you can hear her whisper the name "David".

David was the head of Carly's record label at the time the song was written, and some say she was ticked that David spent all his time promoting her arch rival Joni Mitchell.

The Sun has a clip of the evidence on their site, and it sort of sounds like she's saying David but than not.

Judge For Yourselves

He's Got The Moves Baby, He's Got The Motion!

Watch thee adorable Haggis balance with such groovy moves that he could probably shimmy on for hours.

Find more videos like this on

Thirty Years and Five Minutes

'The photography book Thirty Years and Five Minutes is the definitive guide to Michel Comte’s career over the past three decades. Featuring 280 of his most iconic images, the new book includes the photographs that were featured in the recent Michael Comte retrospective exhibit in Zurich, which ended last month.' Homotography

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The title says it all...

So Prada Has BOOBS Now!

On Wednesday, word leaked that Prada’s cast would be surprising and yesterday morning Fashionista listed a few things they'd like to see.

"In the afternoon, Kate & I sat in front of the computer and waited for a surprise. The clothes? Brilliant. The hair? Amazing. The camera’s focus on Lauren? Fun.

But the surprise? We saw Doutzen and Alessandra, but kept waiting for something revolutionary. After all, someone behind the scenes promised, “this line up will shake the earth with surprise.”

And now everyone’s aflutter because Miuccia traded out a couple of teenagers with boy bodies for a handful of woman with breasts and hips? Miranda Kerr’s the same size as Natalia Vodianova; Alessandra Ambrosio’s probably the same size as Iris, with a slightly bigger bra size; yes, Doutzen was the biggest girl on Prada’s runway, but despite the fact that she looks quite plump here, she’s a quarter the size of an average woman in real life.

So when Cathy Horyn says, “voluptuous,” or HollywoodLife writes, “this could have earth-shatteringly positive consequences,” and only Sarah Mower feels the need to clarify, “relatively curvaceous,” it doesn’t sit right.

It’s great to see these women, who all happen to be Victoria’s Secret models, on the runway, but the build up and consequent “revolutionary” talk is silly. Or like Kate says, “The biggest letdown in the universe.”

Earth-shattering consequences? Hardly. A little self-involved, in our own state of delusional disproportion are we HollywoodLife??? Nonetheless, I applaud Prada's efforts in attempting to bring more "normal" sized ladies on the catwalk.

A Change of Heart!

"Lily Allen is hanging up her microphone. The pop star said she wants to focus on fashion; her last show is on March 7. After that, she has plans to curate a vintage store called Lucy in Disguise. We guess this means no more live performances at Chanel."

Its always a hit or miss venture when young kiddas in the musique industry manifest into other facets in the industry...Im hoping for nothing but positive garment production from Miss Allen, but must you really quite the main reason why I began to adore you in the first place???

Advertorial So Finely Masked

Over at Fashionista, Journalist Brittany had dinner with former Fashionista editor Natalie Hormilla last night, and the topic of Vogue came up.

Natalie: Have you seen Dior’s advertorial in the new Vogue?

Britt: Nope, though I haven’t read the whole thing.

Natalie: It features Lauren Remington-Platt and her sister–and it’s so weird.

Britt: I think I did see that, I thought it was editorial. It’s an ad?

Natalie: Yes, but it copies Vogue’s format down to the last detail including fonts and photo captions. Lauren and her sister awkwardly talk about playing in their mom’s couture as kids and how essential Dior is to their night on the town and I can’t figure out why they agreed to do this, why Vogue agreed to run it, and who thought it be a good idea.

Britt: I like how it mentions, “Fortunately, like any good modern-day princess, each sister understands the importance of giving back,” but then they talk about dinner parties.

Natalie: This is a really weird way to sell something. Do you think the girls thought they’d be the new face of Dior when they signed this contract?

Britt: Maybe. I’ve never seen propaganda so well disguised as editorial.

Could've fooled me!

FreeSoul Spring/Summer 2010

Dramatic and sensual. The choice of musique fits just perfectly.


I present to you model Danny Schwarz for HEYU spring summer 2010 campaign.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Isaac Carew & Max Motta by Milan Vukmirovic

'The hottest Spring/Summer 2010 jeans designs are sensually showcased in this editorial ‘Denim Excess’ by Milan Vukmirovic. The editorial stars models Max Motta and Isaac Carew, and was featured in the recent issue no. 17 of L’Officiel Hommes.'Homotography

Which Do You Fancy???

We have either Prada's contemporary version on 60’s cat-eye specs. Or on thee other hand, we have Marc Jacobs’ rose-colored glasses!

Hmmm...decisions, decisions.

Have You Been A Naughty Or Good Girl This Year Thus Far???

"FW09 was the season of the Bad Girl, epitomized by Balmain’s super-short mini dresses and edgy shoulders. Nowadays, the masses are sporting studs, metal hardware, chunky black boots, etc. It’s an overall hardcore look that’s available to purchase everywhere from Barneys to Forever 21.

So naturally it’s time for a black backlash.

Technically the backlash started in SS10, with Prada and Christopher Kane showing sweet looks fit for Alice Liddell instead of Alice Dellal. But thus far, FW10 has offered even less black and very few tough, spiky accessories. The look has been replaced by pastels, greys, beiges, whites, and (gasp) flats.

However, there are still a few designers dedicated to the most versatile shade in the world." Fashionista

Good Girls

In New York, the fade to white was most obvious at Marc Jacobs, where no color darker than gray appeared on the runway. Marc’s Kabuki girls from spring have evolved, or devolved, to the Marc Jacobs wallflowers of yore. The flat shoes, ankle socks, big cardigans, and pastel long dresses all read perfectly demure, not a touch of sin or mischief.

Also in NY, Rodarte’s monsters turned to angels, SUNO showed African-inspired brights, and Karen Walker showed no black at all, favoring light-colored prints and tons of rose, creme, grey and mint.

Bad Girls

Some designers, however, are sticking with naughty instead of nice. Alexander Wang departed from his relaxed sporty aesthetic to something hard, black, and all business. Altazurra was all edge, as was Preen, Donna Karan, and Louise Goldin.

Going Bad

Some designers known for their sweetness chose FW10 as the season to break away. Thakoon, Jason Wu, and most successfully Peter Som all strayed from their good-girl, pretty-dress image to something conceptual, grunge, and rebellious.

A Little Bit of Both

Straddling the line are Frank Tell and Christopher Kane. Tell, illustrating the trend towards lights, showed a collection that moved through the color wheel, from black to white via blue. And Christopher Kane, not wholly abandoning his Lolita of last season, chose black leather (the naughtiest of all), but adorned it with the girliest of embroidered flowers.

We’re excited to see what pops up in Milan and Paris, expecting Prada to push back against lovely with tough and Marc to stay light at Vuitton. By the end of fashion month we expect the rift between light and dark to grow. Which side will you be on?

Nice Collective Spring 2010: The Gathering

"For their Spring 2010 collection Nice Collective founders Joe Haller and Ian Hannula brought friends, artists, stylists and models on a camping trip (aka the Gathering) in Northern California "to organically capture imagery of the season's clothing and product through real experience rather than art direction."

The concept and captures are quite neat!


An English farmer was inspired to construct a scarecrow inspired by Lady Gaga's Brit award outfit after telling his fiance that he thought she looked "scary," the Daily Mail reports.

Said farmer Nigel Britten: "My fiancee Marti joked that I should make a scarecrow which looked like her. I laughed and then it occurred to me it was actually a very good idea...And Mr Britten said that so far, the 7ft tall Lady GaGa scarecrow, complete with shocking white wig made from cotton wool and dress, is keeping birds off his wheat crops which are used to grow Hovis bread. And he said that he thinks the effective design should grace many more fields across the UK."

It's an idea that Hovis says they are considering. Hahaha!

Again, here is Gaga's tantalizing and genius performance at this year's Brit awards.

Lady GaGa - Brit Awards 2010 Performance Telephone - Dance in the dark HQ

Simon Nessman by Taghi Naderzad

Here on itsnotyouitsme, I am a big fan of model Simon Nessman featured here in this eccentric editorial by photographer Taghi Naderzad.
Styling by: Long Nguyen.

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