First Exhibit Of Edie Sedgwick’s Artwork!

First Exhibit Of Edie Sedgwick’s Artwork!

"Page Six hears that a small portal to Andy Warhol’s New York will briefly open up on 23rd Street on Monday night.

We’re exclusively told that an auctioneer is mounting the first-ever exhibition of Edie Sedgwick’s art, of all places, the Chelsea Hotel.

And they’re expecting a Downtown crowd the likes of which hasn’t been seen since the Mercer Arts Center fell over.

The hotel — where Warhol and his most famous “superstar” shared a room while shooting “Chelsea Girl” — has seemed perilously close to shuttering during an apparently endless series of renovations and changes in ownership that went on for more than a decade. So it seems something of a miracle that its open to host a party for its former resident.

We’re told punk godhead Danny Fields is expected, as are Sedgwick’s widower Michael Post, her brother, John, and Johnny Ramone’s widow, Linda. Also on the list are art world bigwigs like Simon de Pury, Roselee Goldberg and the Andy Warhol Foundation’s Vincent Fremont, plus Christy Turlington, Darren Aronofsky, Theodora Richards, Kristen McMenamy and Ryan McGuiness, among others.

Sedgwick habitually fell asleep — in spite of several warnings from Leonard Cohen, reportedly — with candles burning in her room in the Chelsea institution, and once famously set the room on fire.

There will be 15 pieces on display, mostly pencil sketches. Her subjects include nudes (including a self portrait), horses and other animals.

The pieces are being put on sale by RR Auctions, and the party is being hosted by Bobby Livingston, an SVP at the auction house. The online sale closes on November 17. Pieces are expected to go for up to $40,000.

Sedgwick, who was portrayed by Michelle Williams in the 2007 movie “Factory Girl,” appeared in more than a dozen Warhol movies in 1965 and was considered his muse while they worked together." -

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