INYIM Media Fashion Lookbook: Brand KARDASJAN

INYIM Media Fashion Lookbook: Brand KARDASJAN... "Is a Warsaw-based menswear brand made by Jan Kardas. The designer describes his style as romantic cruising. THINGS HE TOLD ME is his first collection after graduating from the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw.  

“Most of my covid times I spent in a very old house in the countryside. It made me think about all people who lived there before me. Is there anything left from them? THINGS HE TOLD ME is about a ghost/soul who lived there before. I imagined someone like me living in past times. I wanted to merge those two lives since we share the same place. 

I wanted this to be a fetish, historical. A story about a gay ghost living in a castle. A big part of a collection is pearls, as something developing for years, being a hidden witness of changes around them. All fabrics used are deadstock fabrics. It was important for me since I want to tell a story about forgotten things.”


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