Allow Us To Introduce You To Saucy Gal Band cumgirl8 & Their Ferocious Tune “dumb bitch.”

Allow us to introduce you to saucy gal band cumgirl8 and their ferocious tune entitled, “dumb bitch.”

Hailing from thee concrete skies of New York. The punk quartet have unleashed its latest track off their singles series, Pinks and Purples. 

The Brooklyn babes mixed glitter with rock n roll and electroclash. Exquisitely blending three genres together for an authentic dance craze anthem. 

Reveling in nonconformity and rebellion. Their general mission is to spotlight the bobbleheads and tree monsters and squares who have made an outrage about the bands name as they evolved beyond the internet world. 

They’ve had enough of entertaining those one track, narrow-minded hypocritical values. Becuase in the end. Like we always say here. First they watch. Then they hate. Then they copy.

Bassist Lida Fox said the following in a public statement: "Gender and sexual politics are the overarching points of the song, but it also gets into how these dynamics play out in a society ruled by capitalism… how the roles we’re expected to play can become toxic and hypocritical to how we truly feel and so often we find ourselves stuck in patterns that hurt ourselves and those we love. It’s exploring the space between romance, masochism, pleasure, narcissism, and the balance of how much we give and take in our relationships."

Without further ado. Get into the cumgirl8 groove. With INYIM Media latest hit parade. Thee inescapable and in your face track “dumb bitch.”

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