Two INYIM Media Preferred Music Artists Collide: Blu DeTiger & Biig Piig Are Baaaccckkk! No Strangers Our Pages...

Blu DeTiger & Biig Piig are Baaaccckkk! No strangers our pages. The gruesome twosome teamed up for new passionate and groovy track. 

Entitled, ‘Crash Course.’ These two musical forces of nature continue on insisting to make progressive and uniquely fresh sounds. Intertwining dance funk pop sensibility. With a rock n roll attitude. The tune is wrapped in a heavy yet exquisite bassline. Courtesy of NY songbird Blu. Biig Piig naturally brings her usual genre-bending Irish sauce. Ever so effortless, transitioning from to singing and everywhere in between.

The collaboration makes total sense. The duo commenced scribbling with Blu's older brother Rex and producer Oscar Scheller. The musique video for the visuals were filmed at a Los Angeles go-kart track with the ladies racing around lip-sycing the lyrical thesis "catch me if you can!"

DeTiger said the following about the project in a press release: "‘Crash Course’ is a collection of New York sounds spun around and spit out onto an L.A. racetrack. It’s dirty bass and high-energy fun. We had the best time making this and I think that comes through when you listen to it. I’ve been a big fan of Biig Piig for a while, she has a really unique voice and sound. It was really cool to collaborate with her on this.”

Biig Piig let it also spill by saying : “Making the track in L.A. with Blu, Rex and Oscar was so fun, it all flowed so great in the studio and the drums and bass line just set me off. I feel like we tapped into this divine feminine energy, and when the lyrics and melodies came I pictured us driving fast down a highway, GTA style blaring the speakers.”

Without further ado. Get into thee Blu DeTiger & Biig Piig groove. With INYIM Media latest hit parade. The inescapable "Crash Course" featured right below.

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