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Allow Us To Introduce You To Saucy Artist izi & Her Stellar Track "Paradise."

Allow us to introduce you to saucy artist izi and her stellar track "Paradise." Hailing from thee blue skies of Leicester, England. 

Thee singer songwriter dropped a bomb on the pop music scene. A bold brightful official debut single. Incorporated with plush and songbird vocals. She's also unleashed a stellar music video to accompany “Paradise.”

The them of the lyrical thesis  about the exciting and yet confusing times of a new relationship. The most important part of any song is a catchy melody wrapped into a catchy chorus. 

Sharing elements of her personal life as well. The aesthetics showcases such poise and quality. A relevant narrative that is simultaneously ear-gasmic.

Thee bouncy beat and personality filled songstress said the following about the track: “I wanted the track to be fun and uplifting and capture the feeling of when you realize you have found the right person and are in a relationship which has the potential to flourish into something beautiful.”

Without further ado. Get into thee IZI groove. With INYIMMedia latest hit parade. The

exciting cut  and steadily flowing fluid "Paradise."

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