Allow Us To Introduce You To Electric Stellar Artist, Lindsay Reamer & Her Saucy Dancey “Touch Tank”.

Allow us to introduce you to electric stellar artist,  Lindsay Reamer and her saucy dancey "Touch Tank."

Hailing from thee beautiful skies of Connecticut. The currently Philadelphia-based songbird is poised to continue to churn out and manifest musical wonders in 2022 and beyond. 

Lindsay debuted  her EP in 2021 entitled Lucky.  “Touch Tank,” is an upbeat inescapable dance number . The track is ever mesmerizing. Airy yet pulsating vibrations.  The tune reaches its surging peak  by the time thee impeccable beats and sonics take over.

The alternative, electronic intertwined  with powerful synth-led wonders. Is all of that and a whole bag of skittles.

Without further ado. Get into the  Lindsay Reamer groove with INYIM Media latest hit parade. The inescapable and electrifying single “Touch Tank”.

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