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Shakira Does What Shakira Authentically & Radically Always Does In Her First New Single Video Of 2022 ‘Te Felicito’ Feat Rauw Alejandro.

Shakira does what Shakira authentically and radically always does in her first new single video of 2022. Entitled, ‘Te Felicito.’ It  features fellow Spanish artist Rauw Alejandro.

A pop chameleon who belongs in a small unique elite group of artists (such as Madonna, Bowie, Janet, Prince, Christina Aguilera, Kelis, Gaga, Andre 3000, so on..) who can jump into nearly any musical genre.

In “Te Felicito,” she mashed potatoes sonics from synthy, electro-pop, funk, dance all wrapped in a thumping reggaetón beat.

Dig out all the Shakira electricity right below!

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