Unidisc Music Presents Lime 40th Anniversary Tribute mix with Nini and Denyse!


This is a fantastic 40 year anniversary presentation from the legendary dance label Unidisc Music who have been remastering and remixing their entire catalogue which includes the iconic dance duo of Nini Nobless (formerly Denis LePage) and Denyse LePage who are the original Canadian Disco/HiNRG group, LIME!

The mix is an hour long trip through the Lime catalogue featuring commentary from Nini and Denyse on the hits that made them worldwide dancefloor stars. We are very happy that Lime is getting their recognition as they have influenced singers/groups such as Mariah Carey, Azealia Banks, Glass Candy, Hercules and Love Affair.

Get ready to dance and re-live the sounds, vocals and melodies of thee ORIGINAL duo of  Lime below!

For more on Lime visit Denyse at - LIME - Denyse LePage | Facebook in support of NEW Lime world appearances for 2022 and on!

To purchase from Lime & others on the Unidisc 40 Collection visit - Unidisc 40 Collection — Unidisc Music

EXTRA| 2020+ Lime remixes from Jacques Greene and Tiga!

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