Allow Us To Introduce You To Indie Pop, Stellar-Bombastic Artist, Lily Konigsberg & Her Smokin' Tune "Alone".

Allow us to introduce you to indie pop, stellar bombastic artist, Lily Konigsberg and her smokin' tune "Alone". Lily hails from thee beautiful skies of NYC. 

Thee indie pop artist’s delivers breakup lyrics in a abstract way. With the help of producers like Nate Amos to her bandmates from other projects like Palberta or Lily and Horn Horse. 

Flautist Cal Fish collaborates on our preferred track thee instant ear-worm dance explosion pop gem “Alone”. This underground New York sensation has us in a transcendent hypnotizing move and shake. 

Without further ado. Get into thee Lily Konigsberg groove. With INYIM Media latest hit parade. Thee inescapable single "Alone" featured right below!

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