Queen Of Entertainment Cher Hilariously Secretly Takes A Photo Of Couple Who Didn’t Recognize The Icon!

Queen Of Entertainment Cher Hilariously Secretly Takes A Photo Of Couple Who Didn’t Recognize The Icon!

"This once-private couple couldn’t “Believe” the surprise they received from self-proclaimed “crazy woman” Cher. 

Yes, that Cher — but hidden behind a face mask, so the lovebirds didn’t recognize they were in the presence of a living legend.

“Omg! That’s me,” the stunned woman tweeted in response to the Grammy, Oscar and Emmy Award-winning diva posting her picture on Twitter. “Wow! I can’t believe it!.”

Cher, 75, shared a snapshot of the woman — a Houston beauty blogger named Syndie, who was out celebrating her birthday with her new boyfriend — on her verified Twitter account Tuesday. 

In the tweet, which has garnered more than 69,000 likes, the sneaky “I Got You Babe” singer explained that she’d randomly asked the unsuspecting, albeit striking sweethearts if she could take their picture. But she chose not to reveal her iconic identity to the peachy pair, opting to keep her protective face covering on when approaching them.  

“When we were coming out of movie I saw [this] beautiful Couple,” Cher wrote to her 3.9 million followers of the random encounter.

“He Was taking Her pic … She had flowers I said … can I take your Pic … Had my mask on so they didn’t Know Who I was. MAYBE Just a crazy woman … [THAT’S] ME,” she added. 

Hardcore Cher fans then tweet-interrogated Syndie, asking how both she and her beau failed to automatically recognize the “If I Could Turn Back Time” singer’s unmistakable baritone.  

To that, Syndie said: “She had a mask on, and when she asked to take our photo, she was far away from us.” She went on to explain, “It was dark, and she was fully covered, but we kept thinking this wasn’t an average person.”

Her boyfriend, Realtor Tehran Stokes, was just as shocked to learn the legendary identity behind their fortuitous photoshoot. 

“Wow! So we really did meet CHER,” he tweeted Wednesday. “This night will certainly be remembered forever.”

Syndie, who’d previously opted to keep the details of her relationship with Stokes under wraps, then cheekily thanked Cher for forcing her into publicizing their once-secret romance. 

“OMG! It really was @Cher wow took my photo last night,” said the blogger, reposting Cher’s viral tweet to her Instagram Story. “Well, so much for keeping my boo private, lol,” she added.

Syndie later posted another darling snap of her and Stokes saying: “Talk about a reveal! Well, here’s the man, the myth, the legend and the mastermind behind the birthday I’ll never forget.”

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