Allow Us To Introduce You To Rising Pop Kitten Pastiche & Her Electric Juggernaut Tune "Bad Loser"!

Allow us to introduce you to rising pop kitten Pastiche! Hailing from thee beautiful skies of Ireland. Thee astronomical dark pop banger entitled "Bad Loser" is an innovative infectious tracks. 

Equipped with the all the right hooks in all the right places. Its a sure moody-mood banger that'll delightfully stay as a catchy earworm on replay. ‘Bad Loser’ has incredible song writing lyric theme to it. 

From former theatre child, to now selling out shows and send firecrackers overseas. This phenomenal single comes accompanied by a groovy-fantastic visually impactful music video. 

Pastiche has spilled about the project saying thee following: “Lyrically, ‘Bad Loser’ is about your inner demons and, in a way, celebrating them. It reads like a diary entry and It’s all very much drawn from personal experiences that I’ve had with my own mental health. I like to turn things on their head, turn negatives into positives as much as I can, so with this song I delved pretty deep inside my own head and looked at some of the stronger parts of my personality. It’s really me putting that on a plate and saying, ‘these things aren’t bad aspects of me; they’re just aspects of me.’ I think that’s a pretty important conversation to have.”

With a genuine promising future ahead. Plus one of the most intriguing Irish acts of our recent recollection. 

Without further ado. Get into thee Pastiche groove. With INYIM Media latest hit parade. Thee inescapable powerhouse truth-spilling "Bad Loser" featured right below!

"The road to hell is paved with good intentions
You'd a think that I'd a learned my lesson
I could be someone you like,
On the other side (HEY)
My words can hit below the belt no question
But I'll leave it up to your perception
Are you shaking inside?
Or can you handle the bite? (HEY)
Got me pulling strings like party poppers
Glitter in my mouth with a champagne stopper."

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