Allow Us To Introduce You To Groovy-Ginchy Artist, Ashe & Her Mid-Tempo Dancey Hypnotic Jam ‘Not Mad Anymore’!

Allow us to introduce you to groovy-ginchy Canadian songbird, Ashe and her mid-tempo dancy hypnotic jam ‘Not Mad Anymore’. 

Depicting the love, heartbreak, resentment, and personal evolution through the never-ending growth of life.   ‘Not Mad Anymore’ is off her album "Ashlyn". It's accompanied by a whimsical bold and vivrant musique video!  Ashe discussed the song on TikTok divulging the following: 

" I was really angry about how things went in my divorce with my ex, things got really sketchy and I got really pi**ed off. But ‘Moral Of The Story’ came from that mess and I realized… I guess I’m thankful for all of it. The good, the ugly, the dreams, the nightmares, the friendships, the songs. #NotMad anymore."

The sonics and rhythms are catchy and bouncy, Directed by artist Jason Lester, the video featured impeccable synchronized choreography in sync with the tune’s melody. Ashe also busts out a elating tap dance routine. ensembled in a head-to-toe red turtle neck.

Without further ado. Get into thee Ashe groove. With INYIMMedia's latest hit parade. Thee inescapable and cheeky-cheery, fully charged dynamical ‘Not Mad Anymore’!

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