INYIM Media Fashion Nature: Entitled "Boys & Birds" Shot By Walter Jenke!

INYIM Media Fashion Nature: Entitled "Boys & Birds" Shot By Walter Jenke! 

Models (in order of appearance): Josep Barceló, Marc E. Lafuente, Joaquín Gallego, David Guisasola, Omar Armand, Paulius Loginas, Álex Granadino, Cristian García, Robert Gámez, Arnau Oteros, Ángel Marín, Óscar Cerrato, Nacho Fernández, Adrià Anaya, Lukas Jonusas, and Ian Solé.

“The photos are taken individually, one by one and it takes different days to take them. Each session focuses on one animal and requires a great deal of experience and patience to achieve interaction. Sometimes it takes months and even years to be able to access or interact with some specific animals. Hawks, eagles, and owls are easy to find, but it gets tricky if you want to work with wild ducks, lapwing, or small insectivores.” – Walter Jenkel 

“This photographic work deals with the interactions between birds and humans, exploring the links that can be created. In this sense, these “relationships” want to rethink the human and the animal, harmonize them again with Nature and study their contribution to our culture and society.”


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