Allow Us To Introduce You To Powerfully-Charged Nu-Punk Group Stuck & Their Firecracker Of A Tune Entitled "Labor Leisure"!

Allow us to introduce you to powerfully-charged nu-punk group, Stuck and their firecracker of a tune entitled "Labor Leisure"! Thee Chicago based band shall unleash their brand sparkling new EP entitled, That Makes You Feel Good." Labor Leisure is the official second single from Stuck's new EP.

Are we working from home or have our homes turned into workspaces? Is ultimately the question the muscians along with the rest of the planet have been wondering for the past year and a half as the pandemic continues to roll on thanks to those human degenartes/tree monsters who will always play the part of the problem and never the solution in this thing called life. Stuck's vivrant, post-punk vibrations via Exploding In Sound Records have sent the public beautiful raucuous sonics. 

Lead vocalist member Greg Obis spilled the following about the tentative project:“Labor Leisure” is about the dissolving boundaries between work life and home life. As we are constantly reminded about how we can optimize our productivity, our diet, our free time etc, we internalize that “hustle mindset” and it negatively reflects in our personal lives. Often it can make what we do for fun feel like a task. I particularly struggle with maintaining these boundaries between work and play, and it can suck the joy out of my free time. 

As an audio engineer, it is my job to be critical, and as a result I can become harsh and judgmental towards things as simple as playing a video game, reading a book, making dinner. I think a lot of people probably feel this right now as folks continue to work from home on top of the other ways our personal and work lives become intertwined.  This song isn’t the only one on the EP to touch on neo-feudalism; that work life and home life are becoming the same thing. When that happens, work becomes inescapable, and you don’t actually have the freedoms that capitalism promises you."

Without further ado. Get into the Stuck groove! With INYIM Media latest hit parade. Thee inescapable and fiery "Labor Leisure" featured right below!

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