Allow Us To Introduce You To Mood-Groove Songbird Lilian Hepler & Her Mid-Tempo Vivrant Tune "Moody Girl"!

Allow us to introduce you to mood-groove songbird Lilian Hepler and her mid-tempo vivrant tune "Moody Girl"! She's moved and shifted from the blue skies of both Utah and Arizona. 

This rising pop kitten is a singer/songwriter who unleashed her first EP Ghosts in 2017. Coming to age, Lilian listened to all different sounds and sonics strongly inspired Adele and Taylor Swift. 

Miss Hepler later in her teenage years started recording covers and posting videos on Youtube. Fast forward to now from 2020 through 2021, Lillian has released singles such as "Nightmare" and "Easy". 

But it's her latest yummy offering that has our musical antlers up in the air. Without further ado. Get into thee Lilian Hepler groove. With INYIM Media latest hit parade. 

Thee inescapable and catchy fiery "Moody Girl" featured right below!

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